6 cute Christmas ornament storage boxes to keep decs protected after the holidays

The best storage for Christmas ornaments will make pulling out the bauble box even more exciting every year

Bauble storage
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Christmas ornament storage is often something that's overlooked. You might be storing your precious decorations in old shoe boxes with layers of tissue paper — nervously carrying them down the stairs and hoping they don't smash en route. Sound familiar? Well, now is the time to rethink your methodology. 

We spend a fortune curating the perfect Christmas tree, picking out the perfect ornaments that describe us to a T or have special memories behind them. So it makes sense that they have a safe haven to live in while they hibernate throughout the non-festive seasons.

There are some super cute ornaments out there, and whether yours are old or new Christmas decorations that need putting to bed until Santa swings by again next year, you'll want to wrap them up tight.

Christmas ornament storage ideas boxed

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"Taking the decorations down is never anyone’s favorite part of Christmas," says Simon Glanville, managing director of A Place for Everything. But it's important to consider how you will put them to bed until next year rolls around again so that you don't lose or damage any of your favorite decorations by mistake. "Doing it well and thinking ahead will make putting them up again next year so much easier," adds Glanville, noting even that keeping your festive decor tidy might even stop you from buying more when you don't need them.

What's an eco-friendly way to store Christmas ornaments?

One of the most eco-conscious and budget-friendly ways to store Christmas ornaments is to simply use what you have. Look to leftover boxes from gifts you ordered. You can even keep hold of egg cartons. These are perfect for smaller, fragile glass ornaments. If any are super delicate, grab cotton balls and bulk out each spot.

If you like Pringles (who doesn't?) hang onto those handy tubes, too. Give them a little rinse and you'll be able to stack ornaments in there with ease. Plus, Pringle tubes double as Christmas light storage, just saying.

How do you store different size ornaments?

There are several different ways you can store bigger ornaments and large decorations, like mini wreaths and tree toppers. You can buy special storage bags for wreaths and garlands that'll keep them safe and dry though out the year. 

Christmas stars, angels, and other toppers often come in cardboard boxes, so it's a good idea to keep these for storage. Try to store them somewhere you know will stay dry. For electrical ornaments, like light-up stars, it's also important to keep them away from potential leaks.

How do you store special ornaments?

If you've got extra special ornaments that you want to protect at all costs, you should wrap them up in bubble wrap, secure with tape, and put them in one of the more hardy ornament boxes you can find.

Store them in a place where they can't fall off and potentially smash, and keep them away from moisture or extreme temperatures as that could be detrimental.

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