Christmas ornament storage ideas – 9 ways to store baubles and decorations

These Christmas ornament storage ideas will make pulling the bauble box out the loft even more exciting

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Christmas ornament storage is often something that's overlooked. You may well be storing your precious decorations in old boot boxes with a layer of tissue paper – nervously carrying them down the stairs and hoping they don't smash on route. Sound familiar? Well, now is the time to change. 

We spend a fortune curating the perfect Christmas tree– all the beautiful baubles so packed full of magic and wonder and, most importantly, memories. So it's only right that they have a happy safe haven to live in while they hibernate throughout the non-festive seasons. 

Christmas decoration ideas (opens in new tab) are, in our humble opinion, one of the best things about Christmas, so we've found the 10 best bauble storage ideas with both style and substance, so you're Christmas tree decorating experience can be even better.

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'Taking the decorations down is never anyone’s favourite part of Christmas, but doing it well and thinking ahead will make putting them up again next year so much easier. Keeping things organised when packing up means you know what you have, so you’re not tempted to buy more,' says Simon Glanville, managing director of A Place for Everything (opens in new tab).

1. Opt for a wooden bauble storage box 

wooden christmas bauble storage box

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The perfect gift for yourself, or for someone who's had their own Christmas tree for the first time this year, this Christmas decorations box from Etsy (opens in new tab) is a great way to store those extra special ornaments. 

Each box comes personalised with the recipients name and is sure to be something you or they will keep for years to come.

2. Pack them all into this big box with handles

green and red ornament storage box with long handles

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Have you got a huge tree with lots of baubles? Then this is the one for you. This large Christmas ornament storage box from Amazon (opens in new tab) holds up to 128 three inch baubles. The canvas material is breathable but also waterproof, so it's ideal for storing in basements or cold lofts. These long handles are so ideal for moving from room to room too. 

'To avoid having to rummage around all your decoration boxes next year, make sure you label every single box so you can easily find everything from your tree topper to your lights to your Christmas gonks,' says an expert at GTSE.

3. Spot your bauble boxes among your storage

christmas ornament storage box in grey with stars

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If you've got a loft or basement full of storage boxes, choose a patterned design like this so you can easily spot where the Christmas ornaments are. This fold-flat Christmas bauble storage box from A Place for Everything (opens in new tab) comes in grey with a festive star print. While the decorations are having their moment in the spotlight, you can fold the box flat to save on space. 

'If you have smaller, delicate baubles, you can use empty egg cartons to store them away, meaning they’re also well protected from being damaged,' says an expert at GTSE. 

4. Choose a lightweight design that's easy to move around

christmas bauble box with red and gold baubles

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This Christmas decoration storage box from Amazon (opens in new tab) holds enough baubles for a medium sized tree. Real Homes content editor and all round Christmas fanatic Amelia Smith has this very box and she loves it. 

'It's so light weight so it's moved with me from rental to rental the past few years. Throughout the year I just store it on top of my wardrobe out of sight, and I love that each bauble has its own compartment so they won't get damaged,' she says. 

5. Slide your decor perfectly under the bed 

green and red ornament storage box for under the bed

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If under your bed is your go-to destination for your out-of-season baubles, choose a storage box that suits. This Christmas ornament storage box from Wayfair (opens in new tab)is low enough to fit under your bed and long enough to fit in ample baubles. The handles make it easy to grab too, which is always helpful. 

6. Store bigger ornaments too with adjustable compartments

christmas ornament storage box with nutcrackers inside

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If baubles are only part of your Christmas decoration haul, and you've got many a larger ornament that needs a home too, this deluxe Christmas ornament storage box (opens in new tab)has adjustable compartments so you can store everything all in one place. This is a heavy duty bag with think cushioned compartments, ensuring your ornaments are in the very best hands. 

7. Buy several smaller boxes if space is at a premium 

white christmas bauble box on a desk with grey walls

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If you just don't have room for a big box, no fear, choose several smaller boxes instead and store them where you can. This divider box from A Place for Everything (opens in new tab)does the job perfectly. 

They're small enough so you can stow them away in your wardrobe, under the bed, beneath the stairs, or anywhere you have a little extra room. They come in two colorways (black and white) to keep them low profile.

8. Go for airtight plastic boxes

plastic storage box with red lid

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Is the only place you have to store Christmas ornaments in a deep, dark, potentially slightly damp basement? Then you need to go hardcore with your storage box. 

This Sterilite ornament storage box from Amazon (opens in new tab) is made of thick plastic with a secure lid, so nothing will be getting inside. These are stackable too to take up minimal room, and the bendy dividers will prevent breakages. 

9. Keep storage trunks for big Christmas trees

red christmas ornament boxes next to a christmas tree

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These Christmas ornament storage boxes from Wayfair (opens in new tab) are perfect for family sized Christmas trees. If you've collected baubles for years and years and you've gathered an awful lot and you love them all (we hear you) these oh-so-Christmassy storage boxes are ideal. 

We love the elegant gold metallic pattern, adding a touch of grandeur to your storage space. 

How do you store different size ornaments?

For bigger ornaments, such as wreaths, garlands, the angel on top of your tree, or big light up stars, there are several different ways you can store them. You can buy special storage bags for wreaths and garlands (opens in new tab) to keep them safe and dry though out the year. 

Christmas angels often come in cardboard boxes, so it's a good idea to keep these for storage, and try to store her somewhere you know will remain dry. For electrical ornaments, like light up stars, it's also important to keep them away from potential leaks, then storing them in the box they came it will be fine. 

How do you store special ornaments?

If you've got extra special, sentimental ornaments that you want to protect at all costs, you should wrap them up in bubble wrap, secure with tape, and them put them in one of the more hardy ornament boxes you can find. 

Ensure to store them somewhere where they can't fall off and potentially smash, and keep them away from potential leaks, as that could be detrimental. 

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