How to organize toiletries in a small bathroom — expert tips and buys from just $7.99

Things are about to get orderly

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We get it — figuring out how to organize toiletries in a small bathroom seems tedious. But, it's definitely not as annoying as searching for a missing tube of toothpaste when you need it.

It pays to be organized, especially in tight quarters. Avoid tearing things apart trying to locate one item by getting your essentials properly situated. Even if you're not working with much space, or you're divvying it up with roommates, our organization experts reveal how to best organize toiletries in a small bathroom.

Small bathroom ideas aren't just about fun shower curtains and plush towels; organization methods are a key part of keeping the room as functional as possible, so let's get the basics squared away.

How to organize toiletries in a small bathroom

One of the biggest small bathroom storage mistakes is not having a system for your essentials. Whether it's with the help of containers or shelves, make sure your toiletries enjoy some semblance of order.

1. Try wall-mounted storage

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Designer Artem Kropovinsky says, "Always leverage maximum vertical space." Not only does this method keep the floor clear, but it allows you to utilize a space that likely would've gone unnoticed and can offer extra square footage, even in the smallest of washrooms. 

Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Artem Kropovinsky is an interior design expert and founder of Arsight, an award-winning interior design studio based in New York.

2. Use containers

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Small bathroom cabinet storage ideas always require containers of some sort. Free-floating small items can be a nightmare to keep organized, something you'll find especially true when you're getting ready for work early in the morning and running late.

"Use multipurpose containers that can be kept beneath the sink or at the back of the mirrors as you maximize space when organizing your toiletries," Artem suggests.

3. Utilize Over-the-Cabinet Space

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When decluttering a small bathroom, doesn't it feel refreshing to have clear countertops and neatly stacked shelves? Over-the-cabinet storage ideas not only take advantage of unused, vertical space, but they keep everything out of sight. Win-win!

4. Consider alternatives

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Laura Price, a professional organizer, actually wants you to consider alternate spaces for your stuff, especially if you're sharing a small bathroom with a roommate.

"If you have a small bathroom, don’t store multiples of your toiletries in the space," she says. "It’ll only take up valuable storage you might need for other items. Instead, create a backstock area elsewhere in the home so you can store your multiples there until you need to use them."

Now is as good a time as ever to make good use of that empty drawer in your bedroom vanity.

Laura Price
Laura Price

Laura Price is the founder and director at The Home Organisation. She creates spaces to bring moments of calm in a busy life and help others experience the benefits of living an organized life.


Should you store toiletries in the bathroom?

Toiletries should be stored in the bathroom, but this can get tricky if you're working with limited space or sharing the space with others. Keep things in a container to stay organized, and utilize wall space where you can place your goods on a floating shelf or cabinet. 

Where are other places to store toiletries?

If you do not have enough room to store toiletries in the bathroom, there are some alternatives such as a closet shelf, a vanity drawer, or even in a dresser drawer, provided the products in question won't spill or make a mess of any clothing.

In need of more tips? We have you covered. Our professionals in the organizing field have decided to shell out ideas for how to store towels and how to store toilet paper in a small bathroom.

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