4 small bathroom storage mistakes to avoid if you want an impeccably organized space

Time to get your toiletries back in a row

Bright airy bathroom with metro tiling and built-in storage
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Everyone loves a clean and tidy bathroom space. And in theory, the smaller yours is, the easier it will be to clean and keep organized... That is, of course, if you're good at scrubbing the sides every week so that dirt, stains, and the rest are easy to wipe down with your favorite products. Cleaning is one thing, but storage in a small bathroom is another beast.

The thing is, it's easy to get overwhelmed in a small space when you've got so much going on, and not enough room. Leave out cleaning for a week and that once-simple task becomes a whole lot harder, turning a manageable mess into quite the chaos. We spoke with an organizational expert, Morgan Flores for her top tips on keeping small bathrooms clean and organized. Turns out we might need to start by seeing where we're going wrong.

Top small bathroom storage mistakes

Rest assured, we're guilty of a lot of these too, but they are all easily remedied so that cleaning your small bathroom doesn’t have to be a drag. When you have a game plan, it’ll be a piece of cake. 

To achieve that sparkle for your small bathroom asap, organizational expert, Flores shares all the solutions to the most common bathroom storage and organization mistakes. As expected, she has some favorite products that help get her space in order, and keep it that way too!

1. Storing non-essential items

Bright airy bathroom with metro tiling and built-in storage

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Storing items that aren't used every day rather than storing high-priority items. When you store things you don’t use every day, there isn’t room for items you use more often and you risk cluttering your bathroom countertops. If you only have space for 1-2 things on the counter, make them count.

Solution: Try using a linen closet or laundry room to store items that don’t have much of a priority in your small bathroom.  

2. Forgetting about vertical space

Bright airy bathroom with metro tiling and built-in storage

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Not taking advantage of vertical space. Many people don’t take into account all that extra space past eye level. Intend on looking up and down vertically and visualize how you can create storage.

Solution: Utilize the wall space above the toilet, the door frame, or shelves by the sink or vanity.

3. Overdoing it

Bright airy bathroom with metro tiling and built-in storage

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On the flip side, you don’t want to clutter your walls too much because that wall space could be used for storage instead. Too much clutter on the walls in a small bathroom space could make your bathroom look and feel smaller than it already is. Having clutter on your walls also stops you from utilizing storage options.

Solution: See what artwork or collectibles you could move elsewhere or declutter altogether.

4. Forgetting about those hidden spots

Bright airy bathroom with metro tiling and built-in storage

(Image credit: @sophia.at.home)

Not utilizing the space under the sink or not making the most of a bathroom vanity could put even the most organized human into a little disarray. If you’re lucky to have storage space under your sink, then take advantage of it. Again, think vertically and see what items are stackable. Use a tight corner for your small bathroom trash can.

Solution: Use stackable containers to use up all the vertical space and depth. 

How to keep a small bathroom clean for longer

Last but not least, if you’re not able to allocate as much time to clean and organize your small bathroom due to conflicting work schedules, the following tips are useful to maintain cleanliness throughout your time away.

  • Wipe minimal dust and toothpaste stains off the sink on a daily basis.
  • To prevent water spots and mustiness in your shower, dry your shower walls, doors, and stalls with a small towel after every shower you take.
  • Try to clean out your vanity drawers or bathroom cabinets every season and throw out any expired products.
  • Clean any surface areas you often touch, such as the toilet handles, door knobs, or mirrors with disinfecting wipes.
  • Make sure you invest in bathroom organizers that will serve your needs best. Here are some of our favorites:
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