7 festive ways to decorate with mums for fall

Versatile chrysanthemums look great alongside pumpkins and more, to add festive color to your home inside and out!

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Mums, short for chrysanthemums, are delightful flowers ranging in color, size, and variety, and it's no wonder we all want to decorate with mums when fall rolls around!

French philosopher Albert Camus mused, 'Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.' And, I'm sure you'll agree that fall is like a breath of fresh air after a hot summer. Ushering in cooler weather, cozy sweaters, the best fall decor and pretty much anything pumpkin-related.

I love adding fall touches to my home to reflect the changing season and one of my favorite ways to do this is using mums. Although you can find them in spring, they’re most popular in the fall, often used in outdoor landscaping. But they can also be used in your home decor.

Whether you want to style mums next to pumpkins in anticipation of Halloween, or create a super colorful standalone display, you have a ton of gorgeous options.

My favorite ways to include mums in my fall decor is with front porch arrangements, on my buffet and entryway table, in corner planters, and to spruce up a bench or chair. Let’s take a look at each area for inspiration in your own home, starting from the outside.

1. Lead the way to your front door

Potted yellow mums with pumpkins on a porch with white stairs

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Decorating a fall porch is so fun to do because anything goes! Potted mums are the perfect fall adornment for your front porch. Arrange them in varying sizes for interest. You can choose to use multiple colors or go with one color for a monochromatic look. 

If you have stairs leading up to your door, place a potted mum on each step. You may choose to add an assortment of pumpkins to the bunch. It’s also a great time to freshen up your welcome mat and add an attractive fall wreath to your front door! 

2. Pair mums with more seasonal foliage

fall florals with lantern

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Mums are beautiful paired with other fall foliage like ornamental cabbage or coleus. A mixture of purple and white mums pop against a collection of purple and green ornamental kale. Place an arrangement on either side of your front door with a pretty metal lantern or two. 

3. Color co-ordinate with your pumpkins

Potted yellow mums with pumpkins on a porch with white stairs

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This looks especially beautiful if you keep your pumpkin decor non-carve and simple yet stylish. All you need to do is favor orange-toned mums and choose a terracotta pot for a rustic finish. Walmart has some orange mums that are pumpkin spice-scented in cute planters, what's not to love about that?

4. Choose bright chrysanthemums in a modern yard 

Close up of yellow mums in container with palm in the background and disco ball

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Using mums to add a pop of color to your outdoor living space is a good move in fall, as @david.quarlesiv has done in this modern yard, keeping them potted up in modern white containers alongside palms and more greenery for a little more edge.

Seasonally decorated yard space with white shed, outdoor rug, chairs and yellow mums

(Image credit: @david.quarlesiv)

These yellow mums from Lowe's are perfect to get the look.

5. Add warmth to a deck 

Pink fall mums on a wooden deck with pumpkins

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Choosing warmer colored chrysanthemums in rose or even darker burgundy will cozy up a simple deck. Keep a couple of pots on the deck or give them a little height if you want a grander finish.

6. Dress up empty window sills with mums and gourds

Bright fall mums on a window sill with gourds

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You can also use mums to dress up an empty window sill too, inside or out! Using different shaped gourds alongside your pots, with different textures is an effortless way to add design interest. If you've been growing pumpkins you're sure to have at least a couple come out a little wonky, which is ideal for this display! 

7. Enhance mums with pinecones and more

Mums with pinecones and pumpkins in driveway

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Whether it's a bench or porch swing, Sarah Dodds, SVP of Global Merchandising for Lowe's says when it comes to seasonal decor, you can let mums enhance spots in your home by pairing them with leftover materials used for a DIY fall wreath or another make for example. 

Once you've made a wreath, Dodds says 'If you have any leftover materials, decorate furniture and any existing porch accessories with fall staples like dried corn, dried leaves and branches, hay, dried cornstalks, eye-catching dahlias and mums.'

What else can I decorate mums with in the fall?

If you have spare mums and want to cozy up your indoor space, think about sprucing a lonely chair or bench

If you have a wood bench in your entryway or perhaps a storage chest for blankets you can spruce it up using mums. Hang a season-inspired sign above and place an arrangement of mums on or beside the bench. Finish it off with some cozy throw pillows. 

Or if you’re like me and have an extra dining chair sitting unused in a corner, dress it up with a potted mum to add color and interest.

Another way to display your beautiful fall mums is on your buffet or entryway table. Place them in front of a large mirror or piece of artwork and pair them with a bowl of pinecones, matching candle holders or a vase. If you plan a fall tablescape, coordinate the colors of your mums with the color scheme for your table to create a pleasing aesthetic and wow your guests!

You may even choose to use a large potted mum for a centerpiece or place a stem on top of a cloth napkin with the place setting. 

If you’re like me you have a basket or crock in just about every corner of your house. They’re great for storing a fall throw blanket, holding a pillow, or showing off a potted plant like mums! Choose one or multiple colors to display throughout your home for a cozy autumn feel.


(Image credit: Dori Turner)

Caring for chrysanthemums

It can be tempting to purchase mums that have already bloomed but choosing ones with closed buds will give you longer-lasting arrangements. Most mums need partial to full sun to thrive. Check your type to make sure it’s getting adequate sunlight. Potted mums can dry out quickly, especially outdoors. You’ll want to water them often so they last. 

When decorating with mums indoors, if the potted mum isn’t tall enough for your pot, place a plastic container face down in the planter or basket to add height. Make sure the plant still receives enough sunlight by placing it close to a window. 

Fall mums are the perfect way to add seasonal touches to your home. They can be used in many different ways and areas throughout your home during the autumn months. With the proper care and attention your mums will last until you’re ready to change them out with the next season. Enjoy these special fall blooms!  

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