Porch swings — 12 swinging hammocks, loungers, benches and more

Prop up one of our picks of the best porch swings and enjoy the great outdoors in style

Two outdoor swing chairs on yellow graphic background
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Looking for porch swings with pizzazz? Whether you're after a wooden bench that oozes rustic charm, or a regal wrought-iron piece to sit with your prince charming, front porch swings can add a welcoming feel to your home... Oh and are a great vantage point to people watch too. Because who doesn't like seeing what the neighbors across the road are doing?

We’ve rounded up the best garden furniture to add flair to your front yard, and a spot to sit and relax outside in the open air. Some come with cool canopies, others have trays to hold snacks, and one option even reclines, so you can casually eat outside while soaking up some rays.

From budget buys under $100 to statement swings you'll want to save up for, we've covered all bases for buying the best. What's more, we've even reached out to the experts to find out how to hang this gorgeous piece of front-of-house furniture, and what considerations you need to make for your external space.

11 porch swings for swish swaying

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Distressed white Wyton porch swing available at Wayfair

(Image credit: Rosecliff Heights)

1. Rosecliff Height Wyton Porch Swing

Porch swing: H38 x W50 x D38 in  | Colors available: 56
Available in a whopping 56 colors, this Rosecliff Height Wyton Porch Swing is the vintage touch you never knew you needed... Until now! We're particularly fond of this distressed white wood version which would look great in a suburban home to add to the white picket fence vibes. Ahh... The American dream encapsulated. Add cushions in chintzy prints and handwoven throws to add interest and charm.

A grey egg-shaped porch swing with intricate weaved circular crochet detail

(Image credit: Bayou Breeze)

2. Bocanegra 1 Person Porch Swing

Porch swing: H77 x W42 x D37 in | Colors available: 1
Egg-shaped furniture has a clever way of making us feel cocooned, safe, and secure –and this porch swing is no exception. In its contemporary dark grey colorway, it would suit any external space. Complete with a rust-free frame, weather-resistant foam-filled cushions, and a modern boho open weave design, snuggle up with a book while enjoying some fresh air.

Worden 2 Person Solid Wood Porch Swing in white by Red Barrel Studio, available at Wayfair

(Image credit: Red Barrel Studio)

3. Worden 2-person solid wood porch swing

Porch swing:  | Colors available: 71
Where do we start with this Worden 2-person solid wood porch swing? The extensive 71 colorways (all latex Sherwin Williams), the Art-Deco-inspired scalloped back, the distressed pine frame... So much to love. This outdoor seat looks so whimsical in the biophilic settings and has a lifetime warranty against rot water damage and insect infestation so you don't have to worry about the gross stuff cramping your style. 

A grey iron 1-person porch swing

(Image credit: Bloomsbury Market)

4. Adeesa 1 Person Porch Swing

Porch swing: H80 x W38.2 x D39.25 in | Color options: 2
This Adeesa 1 Person Porch Swing, available from Wayfair, gives us all the fairytale vibes. Available in grey or antique bronze and made from high-quality iron, it's strong, stable, and stylish. Though the paint is distressed on this swing, you'll be anything but a damsel in distress when you're relaxing on your regal-looking, metal throne. Add a cushion to aid one's comfort and you're good to go.

A suspended porch swing with taupe-colored base

(Image credit: TiiPii Bed)

5. TiiPii porch swing

Porch swing: H68.8 x W70.7 x D70.7 in | Colors available: 4
Why should kids have all the fun? Comfortably supporting 3-4 adults, this piece of furniture can fit the whole family on it. Use as a daybed, outdoor porch swing, hanging garden chair, floating bed, or luxe hammock to (quite literally) hang out. Use with a tripod stand or suspend from a beam or tree branch. And, when it's not in use, store it in the transportable canvas holdall bag that's supplied! Available in taupe, charcoal, white and green.

Prospect Hill 2 Person Porch Swing

(Image credit: Wayfair)

6. Plow and Hearth Prospect Hill 2-person porch swing

Porch swing:  H25.5 x W50.5 x D26.5 in | Colors available: 1
Crafted using all-weather resin and wicker/rattan, this classic front porch swing can add warmth and bohemian beauty to your front entrance. Be the envy of all your neighbors with this 2-person seat from Plow and Hearth.

7. Backyard Discovery 2-person solid wood porch swing

A solid wood 2-person porch swing, available from Wayfair

(Image credit: Backyard Discovery)

Porch swing: H23 x W50 x D20 in | Colors available: 1
'X' quite literally marks the spot with this 2-person porch swing from Wayfair. And, it's quite the steal, given that it's made from solid pine. Oozing rural farmhouse feels, this wooden front porch swing can accommodate up to 600lbs / 272kg of weight – perfect for when mom, dad, and the kids all want to snuggle up on it. Add some outdoor country-style cushions to make your experience even cozier.

8. Mainstays Zero-Gravity Steel Porch Swing

Black Mainstays Zero-Gravity Steel Porch Swing with two reclining chairs, available from Wayfair

(Image credit: Mainstays)

Porch swing: 90.6 x 58.3 x 72.4 in | Colors available: 3
Sitting on the porch is even better with drinks and nibbles, but no one wants to keep having to get up to grab a beverage and some sustenance. Designed with these things in mind, get the poolside experience with this black Mainstays Zero-Gravity Steel Porch Swing. 

The front porch swing has its own food tray, plus each chair reclines independently, so while one of you snoozes, the other can sit upright and snack. Also available beige and red.

Treated pine heartback porch swing for two people

(Image credit: Creekvine Designs)

9. Creekvine Designs treated pine heartback porch swing

Porch swing: H28 x D26 | Colors available:  1
We heart this porch swing for so many reasons beyond its sweet-centered design. Made from galvanized steel and treated pine, it'll last for years of enjoyment with your loved ones. 

So whether you're being cute with the kids, or being mushy with your Mr. or Mrs. you'll have no regrets about this lovely purchase. Also available with an optional stain for an additional fee to give it some added shine.

Cedar 4' Fanback Swing, Unfinished

(Image credit: Furniture Barn USA)

10.  Cedar 4' Fanback Swingbed

Porch swings | Colors available: 9
The warmer months are perfect for sprawling out and catching a tan, so make sure you have enough space with this Cedar 4' Fanback Swingbed made up of wooden slats and a fanned back detail. Choose a chain attachment for a modern traditional look, or fix it with rope for rustic appeal. Available unfinished or in the following stains: natural, cedar, redwood, oak, mushroom, walnut, gray, and Linden Leaf.

sunnydaze Hanging Hammock Chair Swing with Spreader Bar and Padded Back for Backyard and Patio in Parrot Print

(Image credit: Amazon)

11. Sunnydaze hanging hammock chair swing

Porch swing: H46 x W24.5 x L39 in | Colors available: 1
Bring tropical vibes to your backyard with this Sunnydaze hanging hammock chair swing in a paradise-like parrot print. Made from cotton and polyester, it is a lightweight option that doesn't require any heavy lifting or installation. More surprisingly though, although this seat weighs just 2.6lbs, it can take up to 300lbs! Just add sunglasses and a cocktail and you're ready to rock.

12.  Bay Isle Home™ 1 person porch swing

Bay Isle Home™ Whetzel 1 Person Porch Swing suspended from ceiling with metal chain

(Image credit: Bay Isle Home™)

Porch swing: H46.25 x W34.5 x D25 in | Colors available: 3
They say sharing is caring, but sometimes the best things are best kept to yourself. Get the best seat in the house with this Whetzel egg-shaped porch swing, available from Wayfair. Available in light brown frame/beige cushion, brown frame /tan cushion, white frame/green cushion, there's one to suit all front porch schemes. Featuring a stunning basket shape and suspended from the ceiling, you'll be floating on cloud nine. And, you won't have to worry about spills as the soft inserts are water-resistant.

What are the benefits of owning a porch swing?

A cream porch swing hung with chains with green outdoor cushion decor

(Image credit: Ballard Designs)

'A beautiful porch swing is a great way to add seating and charm to your porch or patio,' says Casey King, business owner, Magnolia Porch Swings

'Porch swings are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes to accommodate both your needs as well as your style preferences. We recommend selecting a porch swing that will best suit the climate of the area you live in, the size of your porch/patio, and coordinate well with the exterior of your home.'

What to consider when buying a porch swing

Mainstays Callimont 3 Person Steel Porch Swing - Red/Black

(Image credit: Walmart)

'Since porch swings, like the best garden swing seats, are supposed to be used to relax, we don’t want the experience of hanging your swing to add any unwanted stress or worry.  So we’ve created these easy to follow steps to use during the hanging of your porch swing!' says King.

'Measure: Determine the size of swing you will need by measuring the area in which you want to hang your it. Keep in mind that you will need at least 2 feet of clearance on either side of your swing and at least 2-3 feet behind it to accommodate the movement of the swing while it’s in use.'

'Select Material: Due to the different climates of the various regions of the country, different materials fair better in certain areas than in others. There are different types of wood that are well-suited for different climates and of course, poly swings can accommodate any type of climate.'

'Purchase a Swing: with your newly determined measurements,knowledge of material choices, and design preference, select the swing that will best suit your size, type, and style needs. Make sure you include all of the other supplies you may need in your purchase.  For example, hanging chain and/or ropes, swing hanging hooks, chain connectors if needed, and any required tools you may not already have at your disposal, such as a drill and drill bits.'

King's 5-step guide to hanging a porch swing

White ash wood fanback porch swing

(Image credit: Dutchcrafters)
  1. Attach swing hangers to support beams: In order to know where to attach the swing hangers, measure the swing from side to side (use the distance between the hanging hardware on the swing). Mark this distance on the overhead support beam with a pen/pencil being sure to center the marks if desired, and to accommodate the needed clearance of 2 feet on either end of the swing. Drill pilot holes into the marks using a drill bit one size smaller than your hanging hardware (i.e. if your hanging hardware is 3/8” you will use a 5/16” drill bit for the pilot holes). Screw the hanging hardware into the pilot holes until they are secure.
  2. Attach chain or rope to swing: If your swing came with the hanging assembly pre-attached, you can skip ahead.  Otherwise, you will need to attach the chain/rope to the swing using the instructions provided with your swing. Different swings will have different assembly instructions for this step depending upon the hardware used in both the construction of your swing, as well as the hanging assembly you chose. Attaching the chain/rope to most swings is an easy process.
  3. Connect chain/rope to overhead support hangers: This step will often require multiple people in order to ensure the swing is level once in place, as well as keeping both yourself and the swing safe and sound during installation. One person will need to stand on a sturdy step ladder as the other lifts the swing up for them to attach the chain/rope to the hanger now firmly attached to the support beam. If having an extra set of hands is not an option, you can hang the swing alone; however, extra care will need to be taken.  Simply place the swing on a level surface such as a table, saw horses, five-gallon buckets, etc., then use the step ladder to attach the chain/rope to the hanger on the support beam.
  4. Check your work: Once the chain/rope on either side is attached to the hanger in the support beam, check the swing to make sure it is level. If the swing is not completely level, you may need to adjust the chain/rope length on either side accordingly.  The ideal distance between the bottom of the porch swing and the ground is between 17 and 19 inches. This leg-swinging height can be lengthened or shortened based upon the swing user’s preference/height.  For instance, taller individuals may want to hang their swing a bit higher in order to give more legroom.
  5. Porch swing trial: Your swing should glide smoothly back and forth when pushed gently.  If not, you may need to check your chain to make sure there are not any kinks in the chain, or the chain could be hung at either the top or bottom connection point.  If your swing glides smoothly when pushed, sit down carefully, applying a little bit of weight at a time.  Once you’re fully seated, try a few swings back and forth. You should glide smoothly to and fro; if not, check your chain/rope connection points again.
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