How to deep clean your room and really refresh this space

Going deeper than surface level

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POV: You step into your room and instantly think "what a disaster." There are clothes spread across the floor. The windows and mirrors are smeared with some kinda dirt. And don’t even get me started on the carpet. Ewww. It’s enough to gross anyone out. How did your room get into such a mess? Don’t worry —  we’ve all been there and, FYI, it’s easily done. One minute your room is spotless, and then blink and it has descended into chaos.

The positive takeaway is that deep cleaning your room — and getting it back to a neater and cleaner state —  is a heck of a lot easier than you’d think. Even if it is a total pigsty.  And, it shouldn’t even take you that long either —  in fact, I managed to get mine done within an hour. Armed with some of my favorite cleaning supplies, this job was anything but a chore and was totally worth it in the end.

Wanting to get your room looking and feeling a little fresher? Here are the steps to take to deep clean your room in about an hour.

How to deep clean your room in 7 steps

Deep cleaning your room might take a little effort, but you'll feel much better sleeping, hanging out, and relaxing in there once it's done. Follow these steps to give your space more thorough clean.

1. Pick up your clothes

First thing first, if you're going to deep clean your room it needs to be at least a little tidy. Pick all your clothes up off the floor and sort them into clean and dirty piles — put the dirty clothes in your laundry hamper and store the clean clothes in a washing basket. You can sort and put them away later once you've done your deep clean.

2. Strip your bed and clean the mattress

Next, strip your sheets off your bed and pop them in your laundry basket —  or straight into the wash. To refresh your mattress, there are a few options. For a quick way to blast odors, spritz it with vodka. Or just air it out with your windows open and use an air freshener to make it smell nice.

We've got an entire guide on how to clean a mattress if you need to clean yours.

3. Clean under your bed (and under the rest of your furniture)

I don’t know about you, but an area I always tend to miss when cleaning my room is under my bed. So, if you’re going to properly deep clean your room, it’s a good idea to tackle under the bed. Start by removing anything that’s stored under there, before giving the floor a good vacuum, and dusting and wiping any dusty areas of the bed. So fresh and so clean!

I also suggest cleaning underneath your drawers when you do this. You'll need to move them out of the way, but you'll be shocked at what you find underneath there. Not just dust, but you'll probably discover stuff you lost months ago. The same goes for your nightstand, and pretty much any other furniture item you have in your room.

4. Vacuum inside your wardrobe

It’s easy to forget that where you store your clothes can get dirty too. That’s why it’s a good idea to vacuum the bottom of your wardrobe and your drawers. This'll pick up any dust or dirt that might have been sitting around for a while.

5. Dust and wipe down all surfaces, including your ceilings

From the picture frames to the lampshades and everything in between take the time to dust and then wipe all surfaces. For easier (and quicker dusting), I like to use a telescopic microfiber duster (because they pick up dust super easy and can be thrown in the washing machine to clean). For wiping, a fleecy sock —  damp or dry — works like a total dream. I recommend it to everyone. 

Use the crevice tool with your vacuum or your handheld vacuum to get into the corners of your room, to clean your baseboards and your ceiling corners. Don't forget about cleaning around your ceiling light and curtain rod, too.

6. Properly clean your mirrors and windows

Your room isn’t going to look (or feel) clean if the windows and mirrors are dirty or dusty, so it pays to take the time to give them a quick wipe. For any out-of-reach windows or mirrors, a handy hack that everyone on #CleanTok raves about is putting a fleece sock over a Swiffer mop. 

We also have a whole guide on how to clean a mirror for streak-free results.

7. Deep clean your carpets and rugs

You’d be amazed at the amount of dirt and grime a carpet or rug can hold. This is why, as well as vacuuming, you might want to consider washing them. The viral TikTok upholstery cleaner — aka Bissell's Little Green Machine that you can buy from Amazon — is a super easy-to-use gadget that's worth the investment. You’d be amazed at how quick the carpet cleaning process is as well as how much difference it can make, especially if you share your home with pets. 

We've got a guide on how to clean a rug, but first things first, you'll definitely want to vacuum it and take it outside to give it a really good shake.

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