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There are so many small tasks that we do daily, almost as if we’re on autopilot. We brush our teeth, shower, and get dressed without having to think about it too much. One thing to add to your autopilot list: cleaning your space daily. Before you freak out, this doesn’t mean you have to bust out a steam mop and rubber gloves on the regular, but it does require you to take a few extra minutes each day to tidy things up. 

Cleaning each room in your space daily will help you stay on top of your chores and tackle messes before they become overwhelming. Cleaning in small spurts is less intimidating and time-consuming than setting aside a dedicated day to get through it all — save that for deep cleaning your apartment. 

This daily cleaning checklist will help you prioritize the areas in your home that need the most attention on a consistent basis. It will also help you hold yourself accountable so your place looks spic and span every single day. Not only will your home feel more comfortable, but friends can stop over at any time and you won't break a sweat.

Daily kitchen cleaning tasks

The kitchen is one of the messiest areas of a home because it’s somewhat of a dumping ground. Think about it, when you come home from a busy work day or a night out with friends, where do you set your stuff? The kitchen counter, right? (If you put your purse, shoes, and coat away right when you get home then we’re impressed!) 

In addition to corralling clutter, this space is also prone to splatters, spills, and crumbs after meals have been prepped, so cleaning your kitchen is a must. If things are looking grimy and unkempt, it can be hard to relax before bed knowing that your kitchen is a mess. Here is a checklist to keep it in tip-top shape.

  • Load and unload the dishwasher
  • Wash and put away any hand-washed dishes
  • Replace your dish towel with a clean one
  • Quickly vacuum or sweep the floor
  • Spray and wipe down kitchen countertops and stovetop
  • Spray and wipe down your dining table
  • Organize and put away any clutter that accumulated throughout the day
  • Scrub your sink before you go to bed so it’s fresh for the next day

Daily bedroom cleaning tasks

The concept of making your bed every single morning isn’t exactly riveting but it sure is impactful. Starting your day with a small accomplishment can empower you to get more on your to-do list done. And at night, it’s also so much cozier to crawl into a bed that has been made.

While you might have an “out of sight out of mind” mentality when it comes to your bedroom, it’s important that you keep this room clean so you can truly decompress after each day. Walking into a space that’s organized and clean will feel much more inviting than a bedroom that has clothing all over the floor or a bed that’s unmade. Here’s what to check off in your room each day:

  • Make your bed every morning after you wake up
  • Pick up and sort laundry
  • Tidy your nightstand and dresser
  • Fold, hang, and put away any clothing

Daily bathroom cleaning tasks

The bathroom is probably the last place you want to think about cleaning daily, but it doesn’t take much effort or time to freshen things up. One non-negotiable when it comes to cleaning in this space each day is wiping down the countertop and sink. It can get quite wet and dirty after you’ve washed your face and put on makeup. Plus, if you style your hair then it’s easy for strands to collect in the base of the sink. Refresh it with these simple tasks:

  • Spray and wipe down the bathroom countertop, sink, and mirror
  • Replace any dirty towels and hang used towels to dry

Daily living room cleaning tasks

Ahhh, the living room. A dedicated space to unwind and kick back. It sounds lovely, but it can be challenging to achieve a state of relaxation when the room feels chaotic and cluttered. Before you start your evening wind-down routine, take a few extra minutes to get things in order. Here are some good go-tos: 

  • Fluff couch cushions and pillows
  • Fold and put away throw blankets
  • Organize TV remotes
  • Trim candle wicks and wipe any soot off
  • Pick up any clutter
  • Run the vacuum to collect any pet hair

As you can see, it really doesn’t take much to keep each room in your apartment orderly. Some days you might have to focus on one room more than another (like if you didn’t cook and instead hosted a movie night), so feel free to customize and make this list your own. Either way, carving out time each day to upkeep your space will make it feel more welcoming, cozy, and high-end.

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