Curved extensions

Discover how to add wow-factor to your home with a curved extension

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IMAGE ABOVE: Designed by Keith Renton Architect, this stunning extension features a curved section, which is clad in vertical timber panels.

The costs

‘There will definitely be a cost implication, mainly because all the materials will have to be cut or made bespoke to fit the curve,’ says Keith Renton. ‘It depends on the materials, but as a general rule you would be looking at a minimum of around 10 per cent extra to your project cost.’

‘On a curved extension we designed in London, having a completely glazed curved wall added around 25 per cent to the overall cost of the project,’ says Barnaby Gunning. ‘Glazing like this will always have to be bespoke and there are very few suppliers who can deliver such a specialist design, especially if specifying triple glazing.’

Interior spaces

It’s not just the external walls, you need to consider when designing a curved space. ‘All the internal floor finishes will have to be cut to fit the space, and fixtures such as skirting boards will need to be curved, too,’ explains Keith Renton.

‘You also need to think about furniture – will your preferred designs fit into a curved space? Where are you going to place standard storage if there are no flat surfaces against which it can be positioned? It is certainly worth overcoming these issues, however, as a curved extension can create a truly interesting, bespoke space in your home.’