When does the John Lewis Christmas advert 2019 come out?

The most important question of the season... when is the John Lewis Christmas advert released?! We investigate, plus take a look back at those of years past

John Lewis Christmas advert
(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Forget advent calendars, we all know the real the countdown to Christmas begins when the John Lewis Christmas advert appears on our TV screens. So when will this joyous day be? What inevitably heartfelt message will it contain? Oh and of course who will be singing the, always iconic, backing song? Keep scrolling for everything we know so far, and to watch all the adverts of John Lewis Christmas past...

When is the John Lewis Christmas advert 2019 released?

Well, unfortunately, no official date for the John Lewis (opens in new tab) advert's release has been given buuut if the last few years are anything to go by we are thinking it's going to be very soon.

The advert does usually drop in the first two weeks of November – the gorgeous Monty the Penguin (2014) and the heart-wrenching Man on the Moon (2015) were both released on the 6 November and then Buster the Boxer (2016) and Moz the Monster (2017) arrived on 10 November. Last year, they really made us wait, with The Boy and the Piano not coming out until 15 November!

So where should you be keeping your eyes out for hints of what's to come in the John Lewis Christmas advert? The first place you will be likely to spot this year's protagonist will be over on John Lewis' social media so make sure you are following them on Facebook (opens in new tab), Twitter (opens in new tab) and Instagram (opens in new tab) for any spoilers.

Of course, you could always get in the festive spirit a tad early by reminiscing over the John Lewis Christmas adverts of old, a favourite pastime in the Real Homes office right now...

Monty the Penguin, 2014

Nawwwww, was the noise made by literally everyone when we just played this in the office (yes we will force everyone else to feel some premature Christmas joy). Monty and his yearning for a penguin companion touched the hearts of us all that year! Here's hoping for an equally adorable story in this year's John Lewis Christmas advert. 

The Man on the Moon, 2015

If you don't cry watching this John Lewis Christmas advert you truly have a heart of stone. We love a Christmas advert with a heart felt message and this one has such a lovely one. Warning: NSFW unless you feel comfortable sobbing next to your colleagues. 

Buster the Boxer, 2016

A break from all the tears, Buster the Boxer was less emotional than the previous two years but still an adorable story! Who doesn't love watching animals jumping on a trampoline in slow-mo to an acoustic version of Randy Crawford?

Moz the Monster, 2017

Who could forget cute and lovable Moz? And who could forget that gorgeous cover of The Beatles Golden Slumber? Here's hoping this year's song lives up to it!

The Boy and the Piano, 2018

Ah, last year's John Lewis Christmas advert. We see Elton John himself sat at his piano and are taken on a whistlestop, PG version of his rock and roll life until we arrive at his first Christmas present, which is.... you guessed it, a piano. 

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