All the barware essentials you'll need to keep your at-home mini-bar fully stocked

Master the mini-bar with the 7 barware essentials every aspiring mixologist needs

barware essentials
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So, you've finally taken the plunge and invested in a bar cart, fully stocked said cart with liquor, only to realize that you're missing the proper glass to serve your newly perfected martini in?

Well, to avoid reliving any embarrassing situations, similar to #GlassGate on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (IYKYK), for anyone who's looking to make their homes their new "go-to" spot, you'll need to invest in all the barware essentials. But if you're someone who has had more experience drinking cocktails than serving them, you might be unaware of where or what to start with —which is where we come in.

Let's start with the good news: Glassware is not expensive, and most aspiring cocktail connoisseurs can (and will) achieve a fully stocked set of barware essentials without breaking the bank. 

The bad news? It's that most of us are unaware of which specific glasses or mugs we need versus which ones we can most probably do without, and if this sounds familiar and like you? We're here to help.

Prepare to sit back and relax, as our team has rounded-up the 7 barware essentials every host needs to consider their at-home mini-bar complete. Need some cocktail inspo? Check out the 7 classic cocktail recipes everyone should master. 

1. Beer mug

A certain glass shape can accentuate different parts of your beer, and it's crucial to keep that in mind. For example: Take the nose and how beer smells; if you're drinking a higher-alcohol beer, drinkers will want to receive a smaller glass so they can enjoy drinking their session-able beer.

For anyone who's looking for a universal suggestion, most mixologists would preference a beer mug. 

barware essentials

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A smooth-rounded beer glass is not only a classic choice but an essential. This type of glass will not only keep a drinker's beverage colder, but it will also allow them to enjoy the experience for much longer periods; most options can hold: 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, and up.

Plus, if you happen to find an option like this one, that also offers a firm, comfortable grip, you've hit a trifecta. Drinkers will enjoy a spill-proof experience all night long.View Deal

2. Cognac glass (aka: a sniffer, brandy glass or bowl)

A snifter (also referenced as a brandy glass, bowl, or ballon) is a type of glassware that features a short-stemmed glass; with a shorter top and wider bottom. Often, this stemware is paired with liquors such as whiskey, bourbon, or brandy. 

barware essentials

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3. Flutes 

Flutes are commonly used for sparkling wine, and in some cases, can be utilized for beer (especially fruit beers, Belgian lambics, and gueuzes). Most flutes are designed to show off the alcohol's color and allow your senses to enjoy their aromas. 

Now, for those shopping for a champagne flute: There is one thing to consider, and that's this glassware can be distinguished from a pilsner glass, as it lacks a stem. 

barware essentials

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4. Martini glass

Martini glasses are interchangeable for 'cocktail glass,' but either way, when ordering both, drinkers will receive a slightly smaller, more rounded glass that features a narrow rim and shorter stem. 

barware essentials

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5. Whiskey glass

Whiskey glasses are another excellent choice for any drinker who is looking to 'nose' their cocktail. If that's you, you will want glassware that will concentrate vapors and allow your senses to engage in the experience, a la the highball, below. 

barware essentials

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6. Coupe

A coupe  — or champagne coupe/saucer — is a stemmed glass featuring a broad, shallow bowl. It's essential for any champagne-lover or serving craft cocktails. 

barware essentials

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7. Margarita glass 

Before Margarita glasses burdened the reputation of being cheap, plastic curved bowls, this namesake, was formerly identified as a "nobler tradition." Back then, this glass 'coupette' was as sleek and sophisticated as a coupe. 

barware essentials

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