Entertaining? Start your night with our 9 favorite bar carts

Any host worth their salt needs one of these

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you might have noticed that bar carts are having a bit of a moment right now. In fact, they have been for quite some time. Both parts eccentric and timeless, they remain an essential part of our entertainment arsenal — alongside our cocktail shaker and our incredible air fryer, that is. Whether you're entertaining a whole party or enjoying intimate drinks with close friends, they are a quick and easy way to serve up the fun.

However you take your drink — I'm more of a shaken, not stirred type as it goes — a bar cart should provide enough space to store and transport all the go-to liquors and mixers alike. Indeed, wheels are obligatory. As far as shelving goes, this depends on the size of the soirée, not to mention the length of the evening. Jokes aside, though, a great choice will combine convenience and aesthetic appeal seamlessly. For some, this might mean a lightweight number in gold, while for others, a wooden and metal design. Fortunately, we've whipped up the finest caliber of carts, saving you time and money. Meet your new host for the night.

Once you've made your choice, see our bar cart ideas for new ways to dress up your bar cart. And we list everything we you can realistically store on its shelves.

Start the party with a top-tier bar cart

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What can I use instead of a bar cart?

Well, it all depends on how you intend to keep and store your drinks. For some of us, the booze only comes out now and then, but for the hardened entertainers among us, it might be once a week. If you fall under the first category, any spot in your kitchen cabinet does the trick, whereas the latter group might be better off investing in a wine cooler for their choice cuvées and a glass drinks cabinet for the stronger stuff. After something a little more portable? Say hello to the mini-fridge

What should go in a bar cart?

In short: spirits, wine, the glassware you might need, and, of course, your cocktail-making essentials. Yep, that means the cocktail shaker, too. That said, it's totally your call. Some people keep only their liquors on it, while others kit it out like a fully-fledged bar — ice buckets, mixers, the lot! All I'll say is that fizzy wines and soft drinks are probably best kept in your refrigerator, especially if yours is a smaller cart. 

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