5 home office essentials for an inspiring work from home set up

Shop eBay to discover everything you need for the home office of your dreams


Like most of us I’ve been working from home much more than I ever thought I would. Even though I spent lots of time decorating my flat, my home office area was a bit of an afterthought. I teamed up with @eBay to give my home office the love it deserves. #ebayfinds

Everything for my new office arrived quickly and I’m super happy with the final outcome. You can purchase everything you see in my new office from @eBay! #ebayfinds  -   Natalie 

Still working from home? It’s the reality for many of us. As working cultures continue to shift to our homes, and now hybrid working environments, it's time to turn makeshift spaces into purposeful ones. Re-think working from your sofa, or worse your bed, and boost your productivity with a space optimized to fit your needs when it comes to working from home. Whether you only have a tiny corner to spare in your living room, or the ability to convert an extra bedroom into an office fit for a CEO, eBay has all the essentials to turn any extra space into the home office of your dreams.

The power of eBay is that you can shop new, vintage, and gently loved pieces at a range of prices that can suit everybody. Oftentimes, you’ll even find options for free shipping and returns. Be sure to use the easy shopping filters to find what you’re looking for faster, giving you the ability to find a range of home products that fit both your style and budget. No compromising here.

For home offices big and small, you’ll find everything you need on eBay to sort out your personal workspace, even if it's shared with your partner, kids, and pets. Start with the following essentials to build out a space that fits your needs.  

1.  A desk built for an executive 

ACME Executive Desk Study Desk Computer Desk Workstation Gustave Cream Drawer

(Image credit: eBay)

Whether you’re the CEO, or an entry-level account manager, having the right desk can influence your workflow. eBay has desks at all price points from utilitarian designs under $100 to statement pieces that we think are worth the $1,000 investment (i.e. that gorgeous white wood desk above). Discover the right style for you, with the ability to browse by size, aesthetic, and types such as writing desks, corner desks, compact rolling desks and so many more. Don’t forget to consider how much space you have to devote to a desk, with the ability to shop by size too. 

2.  This standing desk to combat staying sedentary  

Costway Electric Standing Desk Sit to Stand Height Adjustable Table Dual Motor

(Image credit: eBay)

The true latest home office/health trend that’s here to stay: standing desks. Standing during your workday has been proven to have healthful effects like lowering blood sugar, reducing back pain, and even boosting mood and productivity. Even just an hour in your workday of using a raised desk helps you from being too sedentary. It’s easier than ever to incorporate into your home office, than getting clearance from HR in a traditional office setting. Choose an electric version (bonus if it has pre-sets) that enables you to alternate between sitting and standing with minimal effort. They’re available in a range of lengths and widths to suit your needs. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could even pull your treadmill right up to get your steps in for the day.  

3.  An iconic office chair to invest in 

Aeron Chair By Herman Miller remastered

(Image credit: eBay)

That solid wood dining chair just doesn’t cut it when you’re spending upwards of 8 hours in a chair. We have our eyes peeled on a refurbished Herman Miller Aeron chair, also available new and pre-owned, as a way to save some money on an office classic, and save our backs and bums! Looking for something a little more glam? eBay has that too!  

4. A bookshelf for easy access to files and supplies 

3-Tier Ladder Bookshelf Wall Mounted Storage Shelves Wood Bookcase

(Image credit: eBay)

Stay organized with a bookshelf to contain office supplies, display favorite knickknacks, and yes, house your collection of books. If it has built-in doors or drawers to keep clutter at bay, consider that a bonus! But if it’s standard open shelves, use baskets on the bottom tiers to stow items you want easy reach to while also reducing any visual clutter. A bookshelf feels even more necessary if your living room is also your office, without disrupting the design of your most used living space.  

5. A stylish task light for targeted lighting 

Jonathan Y JYL6116A Edison 19.25" Metal LED Task Lamp

(Image credit: eBay)

Harsh overhead lighting? So corporate! Layer in different styles of lighting to illuminate your home office space. Immediately to the right (or left) of your desk, you’ll want a task light to reduce eye strain, and set the tone for your workstation with an academic look. We love a stylish brass design for major style points and its core functionality.