How to get rid of flies

Find out how to get rid of flies in your home – naturally and effectively

how to get rid of flies
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Want to know how to get rid of flies in your home? One fly is annoying enough, but when there's a dozen of them raiding your rooms, it can become very annoying. Besides, while most flies don't carry disease, some do, and can spread, among other things, E.coli bacteria, cholera, and typhoid (nice). 

This method for getting rid of flies uses natural ingredients. Although you can use pesticides, they won't be effective over the longer term, and many house flies are now resistant to them anyway. 

Use our natural remedy instead – then, visit our feature on how to get rid of household pests, which deals with everything from mice to bedbugs. Go to our cleaning hub for more advice on keeping your home sparkling and pest free.

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How to get rid of flies

The product you need to get rid of house flies effectively is actually apple cider vinegar (read more about it in our guide). ACV is known for its beneficial health properties and antibacterial action, but did you know that it's irresistible to house flies? The idea is to trap them in a ACV bath and drown them (this is not very humane, unfortunately).

To make the traps, you'll need:


1. Mix apple cider vinegar with equal parts washing up liquid to form a sticky mixture. 

2. Cover with cling film tightly and make holes big enough fo flies to come in.

3. Place in a spot the flies frequent. They'll be attracted by the smell of the vinegar, but won't be able to get out because of the washing-up liquid. 

Top tip: as with all other household pests, prevention is better than cure. If you have lots of house flies, it will most likely be because food is being left out on a regular basis. Make sure your kitchen counters are clean and any leftovers are securely put away in a food waste bin.