Best dish racks: 10 best dish drainers for a tidy sink

Brighten up doing the dishes with one of these dish racks. These picks combine both style and practicality

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Need a new dish rack to spruce up your kitchen? These picks will streamline your dishes on their journey to getting dry — and prevent dampness and water spillages in this corner of your space. Any of these dish drainers will help create more space within your sink setup, so you needn't delay when it comes to tidying up after dinner time. 

There's nothing worse than a dish rack that doesn't have the stability you need —or the space that you require —meaning that your dishes slide all over the place, or you have to do your washing up in two loads. Let's not forget about sharp knives or heavy pots and pans that you want to leave to dry, too, as it's important you are reassured that nothing is going to slip out of place. 

Investing in a new dish rack doesn't need to be a huge expense either, although there are more deluxe options that you might want to stretch to if the features they have are important to you. That includes multi-leveled racks, lid holders, and cutlery cubbies that go the extra mile during the drying process. If you're looking to level up your washing-up process completely, then why not invest in one of the best dishwashers, with certain models that have super-advanced drying settings. Saying that, you'll still need a dish rack to dry any of the few items you own that aren't dishwasher-safe, so what are you waiting for? 

The best dish drainers and dish racks for keeping your kitchen tidy

1. Deluxe Chrome-plated Steel 2-Tier Dish Rack: View at Amazon
This simple but modern design capitalizes on the space you have on your sink, with 2 tiers to fill. The drainboard has a certain spot to let out water, and a detachable cutlery cup to make space outside of the main rack. The chrome design here should suit most kitchens, and the crossover between style and functionality is sweetened by the excellent price too. 

2. Better Homes & Gardens Natural Bamboo Dish Rack: View at Walmart 
You can lighten your kitchen in an instant with this bamboo dish rack, which has a simple but spacious design. Handily collapsible for when you don't want to use it, and with 17-34 slots for plates, this design can add a little style into proceedings. You don't need to worry about splinters either, as this rack has a finish to prevent it from happening. 

3. KitchenAid Large Full Sized Dish Rack: View at Amazon
It might not be the KitchenAid product that has always been on your wishlist, but this drying rack is worth its weight in gold when it comes to tidying up your countertops. It has a huge capacity and is rust-resistant, so even though you're paying a higher price, you won't be needing to replace this rack for years to come. This is fully equipped for those with busy lives and kitchens, who might need a little longer before they empty their rack.

4. LIMNUO Roll Up Dish Drying Rack: View at Amazon
Go for something a little different with this roll-up drying rack, which is very efficient for getting drying done. You might have seen this kind of rack doing the rounds on TikTok, with its multi-uses including being a great device to help wash vegetables and fruit. If you're short on sink space already, this might not be the one for you, but if not, then it's a neat way to arrange your dishes.

5. PUSDON Over Sink Dish Drying Rack: View at Amazon 
This space-saving design gives you a sleek washing setup, with 2 tiers and so many added extras to make your life easier. It has specially sized racks for plates, bowls, knives, cups and more separately, so you won't have to play Jenga with your crockery anymore. There is some assembly required which might be a little testing, but if you can see past that then you're onto a winner.

6. Yamazaki Home Sink Dish Rack: View at Amazon
This white steel rack from Yamazaki will make doing the dishes a minimalist dream. It's somewhat rare to find lighter-colored dish racks, which is why this pick is so refreshing and would look greater in lighter-styled kitchens. We love the wooden handles too, a practical touch that breaks up the entire look of the rack. 

7. JODNO 2 Mats + 1 Rack Ultra Absorbent: View at Walmart 
You can get a different drying experience with these absorbent drying rack mats, made from a microfiber material to get the job done quickly. Less bulky than the usual options and perfect for those who just have a few items they want to handwash while they use their dishwasher, we love the quiet power of these mats. There won't be any mess or watery countertops with this mat, which we think is a great investment. 

8. OXO Good Grips Fold Away Rack: View at Amazon 
This OXO dish rack is about to become your secret weapon in the kitchen, with a spout that opens directly into your sink and feet to raise it off your counter. That means that all the water this rack collects leaves your sink area nice and neatly, and won't pool and create messy problems. We love the simple efficiency of this model and think that it would suit any neatness enthusiasts. 

9. Large Dish Drying Rack Drainboard Set: View at Amazon
This is a great pick for anyone who has prized wine glasses, cocktail glasses and tumblers that they want to secure in when they've washed them. It also has a cutting board holder, which we think is genius, as it's always one of those clunky options that takes up a lot of space. This rack is very adjustable, so you can get your set up just right depending on the dishes you have at home.

10. Umbra Sinkin Dish Rack Black/Nickel: View at Amazon
We love this Umbra pick for smaller kitchens, with its practical compact design. There's not a lot going on here past the basics, but if it's a reliable rack you need, then we like how easily you can stash this one away. If you have a smaller household we think this would be a great fit too.

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