The 10 best Instagram accounts to follow for kitchen makeovers

Get inspired by these gorgeous kitchen makeover grids to kickstart your own project

Kitchen makeover
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We have always loved Instagram as a source of kitchen makeover inspiration. While we love flicking through a magazine or scrolling through Pinterest, we always find that Instagram is where the real stuff is. The budget makeovers, the quick revamps, the easy hacks, and that is was we are all about: simple and stylish ideas.

As you can imagine over the last few months our combined screen time has shot right up (and we mean to an embarrassingly high number), so we are justifying our endless scrolling by sharing with you some of the fab accounts we have found. Here, we are going to focus on fab accounts to follow if you are into kitchen makeovers (who isn't really?). So keep scrolling for 10 Instagram accounts that will get you inspired.

Oh, and for loads more kitchen ideas, make sure you check out our gallery – you will find plenty more advice and tips for your own project over there. 

1. Nest_twenty_eight

What a transformation @nest_twenty_eight! Make sure you swipe to see the before but this gorgeous new look was achieved using basically just paint! Lucinda replaced the splashback too for a much more modern, stylish look. Oh and both these jobs are things you could DIY, just check out our guide to how to paint kitchen cabinets and how to tile a splashback

2. Mytinyestate 

AD | The Caretakers Kitchen After 👉🏼 During 👉🏼 Before SHORT - We are going to set ourselves some new deadlines... we work better that way! We need to finish one room (in the caretakers) each week. Can you believe we haven’t completed one room yet! LONG - How long has it been since we posted about our kitchen and we still haven’t finished it! At least its a fully functional kitchen! Well it had to be as we prepared Christmas lunch for 14 in the that oven (Thanks @ao for giving us the oven and saving Christmas). Although the oven was in place and in use for a couple of months we couldn’t post it because we hadn’t finished painting the corner cupboard! Anyone else really struggle finishing the last little bits!? They are so boring the little touching up bits... we want to get onto the next project now... that’s the fun stuff! The brass splashback was a huge failure which we are so upset with... It looks good (well Borja thinks so) but it stains really easily and doesn’t look how we wanted (Dean wanted). We will have to change that at another time! Other items seen in this picture are the beautiful colours from @fenwickandtilbrook and the stunning aged brass knobs from @yesterhome #mytinyestate #extremediyers #georgianrenovation #periodhome #originalfeatures #victorianhome #periodproperty #georgianinteriors #interiorsblogger #georgianhome #georgianarchitecture #georgianhouse #AOathome #georgianhouses #oakbeams #kitchenrefurb #ad #kitchendesign #kitchenrenovation #kitchenrenovation #apartmenttherapy #kitcheninspo #handmadekitchen #diykitchen My Tiny Estate | Dean & Borja

A photo posted by @mytinyestate on Jan 11, 2020 at 1:01am PST

If you love following renovation projects, you have to go and check out @mytinyestate. Dean and Borja are restoring the most stunning Georgian property and their style is so enviable. We love the colours of this kitchen, the olive green is so perfect for the space, giving the simple, quite contemporary kitchen a more traditional feel. Oh you should also have a look through their Instagram highlights called 'DIY hacks' it shows you how the kitchen came together (and how to make a hedgehog house...). 

3. Thisstyle_rocks

That tile work alone is worth a follow, but if you are looking for kitchen extension inspiration, Amy over on @thisstyle_rocks has so much gorgeous inspiration. She has a whole kitchen renovations highlight too so you can see how the project went from scratch. There are also some quick updates in here too that you can do even if you aren't totally renovating your kitchen like wallpapering and tiling.

If you want loads more practical advice on how to start your kitchen extension project head to our guide. 

4. Homeatvictoriaroad

Make sure you swipe to see the before of @Homeatvictoriaroad's amazing kitchen transformation! You wouldn't believe it's the same kitchen and all that was used was paint! Natalie replaced the handles too with some gorgeous gold ones and panelled the island with wooden planks. 

5. Grillodesigns 

A fab account to follow, especially if you are a renter is @grillodesigns. She has totally transformed her rented home, making it her own with DIYs and hacks, so loads of inspiration over there. Medina's kitchen was a standard rented kitchen prior to her makeover and now it's a lovely, light, modern space complete with budget-friendly open shelves!


Love minimal, Scandi, neutral interiors? Go and check out @edwardian_love. Esin's kitchen makeover is amazing too, she turned a very dated old kitchen into a practical space that fits the rest of her home perfectly. It's all done with just paint, Esin painted the cabinets, the tiles, and even the window to give it a Crittall effect. The worktops were covered in a marble effect adhesive and the breakfast bar with panelled with cheap timber from Wickes. Amazing!

7. Mishkashoe

Oh you just have to see the before of this now gorgeous kitchen. @mishkashoe had such a vision to see beyond those red cabinets! Tile paint and sticky back vinyl sheets are behind this kitchen transformation, plus a load of fab styling with houseplants and open shelving. 

8. Ten_sea_view

More red cabinets! Steve over on @ten_sea_view has totally transformed his... bold dated kitchen into something so beautiful. The kitchen has been extended to add more of an open plan feel and to bring in loads of light, the results are stunning. Dark grey and pale blush pink? Our fave combination. 

9. Lifeatstaustell

Ellie of @lifeatstaustell is a kitchen makeover we have been following throughout lockdown and we are just obsessed with how it looks now. Olive green and pink is such an unusual combination but it works so well, and the stars add a nice whimsical touch too. Yet another fab makeover using just paint, even the tiles have been stencilled with paint – see how it was all done on Ellie's kitchen highlight. 

If you are after tips on how to paint tiles head to our guide. 

10. Our_home_in_kingstone

We love @our_home_in_kingstone  style and if you like textured, layered, boho interiors you will too. This kitchen was a beige nightmare before it had its glow up, and it was all done using just paint and a whole load of creativity. For all the details, including the hideous job of removing woodchip wallpaper (WHO INVENTED THIS VILE THING?) check out Vic's kitchen renovation highlights. 

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