Stanley Tucci cooking pasta is Instagram gold — here are 5 chef-recommended picks for your best bowl yet

We love watching Stanley Tucci cooking videos, but what do we need to get our pasta up to scratch?

Stanley Tucci, actor, at the Cheltenham Literature Festival in Cheltenham, England.
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Stanley Tucci cooking videos are Instagram perfection, and we'll gladly watch anything he is preparing — especially if it's pasta or carb-related. 

The actor's segue into the food industry by way of his Italian heritage has catapulted him in a new direction. From cookbooks to cookware, TV shows to partnerships, Stanley has more than proved he knows his way around the kitchen. Given his expertise, and our infatuation, we asked chefs and food industry experts how to get our spaghetti up to par with his. 

If you ask us, all small kitchen ideas should allow room for macaroni accessories and great cookware. Let our professionals to introduce you to the essentials. 

Check out one of our favorite Stanley Tucci cooking videos

What did we tell you? If you don't now have a craving for bolognese sauce (accompanied by a glass of red wine, of course) we're not sure what will entice you. 

Whether you're looking for a cozy meal on a winter evening, or you're assuming hosting duties for a holiday or celebration, you can never go wrong with a bowl of macaroni. It's time to organize small kitchen cabinets to make room for these pasta necessities.

Even if you'd rather stick to store-bought options rather than one of the best pasta makers, there are still other gadgets needed to take your dishes from "satisfactory" to "deliziosa". The industry pros will lead you in the proper direction. Bon appétit!

1. A wooden spoon

Wooden spoons and utensils in a yellow jar on a windowsill

(Image credit: Getty Images/Stefania Pelfini, La Waziya Photography)

While yes, we love pretty and functional kitchen utensil sets, do make sure you're not bypassing a classic wooden spoon. It might seem basic, but it serves a purpose.

"Enter the often-forgotten life-saver: a trusty wooden 'Nonna style' spoon," says Chef Bill Dorrler, corporate executive chef at Osteria Morini DC. "While many default to metal spoons, there's a subtle but crucial difference. Opting for a wooden spoon eliminates any risk of an aluminum or metallic aftertaste."

We certainly don't want anything potentially contaminating our bolognese, right? Completely unacceptable.

Chef Bill Dorrler

Chef Bill Dorrler is the corporate executive chef at Osteria Morini DC, which brings the "soulful cuisine and convivial spirit of Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy" to Washington DC, and beyond. The first Osteria Morini restaurant opened in New York City in 2010.

2. Mist spray bottle

Two mist spray bottles with oil on a kitchen counter next to a bowl of pasta

(Image credit: Walmart)

Sometimes, it's the littlest details that make the biggest difference, especially when cooking. 

"The linchpin of successful pasta creation lies in water — the unsung hero binding sealed pasta," Chef Bill says. "I recommend purchasing a high-quality fine mist spray bottle for the right amount of water and steering clear of any excess that could potentially alter the dough's composition, leading to undesired stickiness."

What's more, mist spray bottles (like the options available at Amazon) can be used for drizzling drops of oil on your dishes when you don't want to add *too* much. 

3. Durable Dishes

A white bowl of pasta on a white countertop and wooden cutting board with beige napkins off to the side

(Image credit: Getty Images/Westend61)

When attempting to figure out how to store plates and cookware in a small kitchen, one thing we can say for certain is set aside space for the proper bowls if you plan on making macaroni regularly. 

"Look for pasta bowls with ridges or indentations to catch sauce," says Lindsey Chastain, founder at The Waddle and Cluck. "Wide-rimmed plates allow you to easily twist pasta. You might also choose shallow soup bowls for saucy pasta dishes. Durable dinnerware is ideal, as pasta can stain or scratch more delicate pieces."

Lindsey Chastain
Lindsey Chastain

Lindsey Chastain, a dedicated homesteader and skilled writer, is the driving force behind The Waddle and Cluck, a platform that celebrates sustainable living, gardening, and responsible farming.

4. A non-stick saucepan

A white Caraway Mini Sauce Pan on a stove next to a cutting board on a white kitchen counter

(Image credit: Caraway)

“Having the right cookware and dishes for pasta can make a big difference in how the dish will taste when served," says food blogger Julie Pollitt, founder of Back To My Southern Roots. "A good non-stick saucepan will work beautifully."

(And FYI, we have expert advice about how to clean a non-stick pan so you can keep the sauces coming.)

Julie Pollitt
Julie Pollitt

Julie is a food lover and blogger sharing timeless Southern recipes, from hearty dinners to sweet treats and everything in between on Back To My Southern Roots.

5. A food processor

A mint green KitchenAid 3.5 Cup Food Chopper on a kitchen counter with bowls of food nearby

(Image credit: KitchenAid/Target)

As much as we love an old-school mentality à la Nonna, a food processor is a great way to speed up menial tasks and make large quantities a little more doable.

"A food processor with a grating or grind disc is indispensable for me as I use it to grind large blocks of hard Romano cheese in bulk," says Liz Krause, food blogger at "I freeze the cheese in airtight containers in the freezer, maintaining a smaller portion in the fridge for immediate use. If I don't have enough in the fridge for a last minute dish, I can grab the grated cheese from the freezer."

Liz Krause
Liz Krause

Liz Krause is a food blogger who takes the concept of creating easy and delicious Italian recipes and turns them into realities on her blog,

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