3 non-toxic cookware picks for a healthier and ridiculously stylish kitchen

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Non-toxic cookware is a need, not a want in my kitchen, mainly because "fitfluencer" content consumes my social feeds. It seems I'm not the only one putting health at the forefront of my mind when making meals. And let's not start on the number of wellness-tracking apps sucking up the storage on my phone.

My parents may have settled for any old non-stick frying pan over the years, but being a millennial, I've got Google in the palm of my hand. It literally takes me 0.51 seconds to go down a cookware-shaped rabbit hole that leaves me lying awake at night. Did you know some of the vessels you fry in give off fumes? Adulting is hard enough as it is, and now I'm drowning in the sea of information about my culinary inventory.

So before you facepalm your phone in bed in search of "safe" pots and pans — let me hook you up with my now household favorites. Because the only toxins I'm using are the ones keeping my skin looking #Instafilter.

Our edit of the best non-toxic cookware

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Real Homes review process — How we tested this non-toxic cookware

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Christina Chrysostomou

With her upcoming spring wedding on the horizon, Christina is doing everything she can to look and feel her best on the big day. This includesopting for a lot of nutritious home-cooked meals. She reviewed the GreenPan Barcelona Pro which has the same non-stick surface material as the Reserve pan. Though she's already got a diamond on her finger, she was impressed to find out that the coating is made with this precious stone, too!

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Millie Fender

According to our head of reviews Millie, the HexClad Hybrid fry pan is expensive, but it's changing the frying pan game for good. "Not to name-drop, but Gordon Ramsay himself taught me how to make the most of this pan, and as part of his demo he scraped a metal spoon against it to prove how durable the non-stick is. Scary, but it's true that you don't need to stick to silicone with this pan. What I will say is that the pan needs a good scrub every few uses, because otherwise, those etched lines between the nonstick hexagons will discolor. It's worth it though because this pan has become my ultimate go-to." Why not make it yours?

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Nishaa is our staff writer and she raves about her Always Pan. She uses it daily to cook for her and her husband, and it's often sitting on her hob looking pretty.

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