The latest Emma Watson interview has inspired us to up our cocktail game — mixologists reveal their tips

Emma Watson's espresso martini tutorial shows accessories are nice, but you'll need the essentials to properly craft cocktails

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A new Emma Watson interview has put the star's mixology skills to the test, and she certainly channeled Hermione Granger's enthusiasm and determination behind the bar.

The Harry Potter alumna appeared on British Vogue's The Ultimate British Taste Test to whip up an espresso martini, bramble, and other delectable spirits perfect for your next get-together. Despite using her Prada heels to smash ice, we were inspired by the elegant setup and the techniques used to enhance the flavor of each cocktail. 

We spoke to mixologists to see what hosting essentials we need in our bar carts ahead our next get together. There are plenty of items to take your concoctions to new levels, but feel free to leave your (most expensive) heels in the closet.

Bar cart accessories such as a wooden letter board to display menus or a compact mug tree for organizational purposes are fun additions to play up aesthetics, but you can't forget about the basics. 

"A good cocktail shaker and mixing glass are the best place to start," says Gaston Martinez, the co-founder and CEO of IZO Spirits. "This will be your home base for mixing or stirring all kinds of drinks."

Likewise, Sasha Selimotic, the co-founder of Standard Wormwood, Farm to Cocktail Distillers, believes a shaker and a long spoon are non-negotiable. But what else are we going to need for spritzes, sours, and beyond? Cheers to nailing the perfect cocktail recipe.

Gaston Martinez
Gaston Martinez

Gaston Martinez is the co-founder and CEO of IZO Spirits (IZO), which creates sustainably handcrafted agave spirits. The entrepreneur is a spirit aficionado, making him an essential voice in the mixology field. 

Sasha Selimotic
Sasha Selimotic

Taras Hrabowsky and Sasha Selimotic met in middle school, where they grew up together in Orange County, in upstate New York. With combined educations in art animation and engineering, the pair never dreamed their hobby of secretly distilling with a propane tank, a makeshift still, and an old milk kettle would eventually become a thriving Brooklyn-based operation.

What to shop

Bar cart ideas are nothing without the following go-to necessities, according to the pros. 

And to top it all off, make sure you're sipping from the appropriate glasses for your drink of choice. 

"Glassware is a fun element to have on the bar cart to show off your style and elevate your cocktails," Gaston insists. 

Cheers to your next mixer!

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