The viral Paris Hilton air fryer is the hottest kitchen appliance on Amazon — it’s TikTok-famous and the pros love it

The Paris Hilton Air Fryer makes cooking look seriously chic

We love the Paris Hilton Air Fryer. Here is the influencer with blonde hair wearing a pink dress and oven mitt, with a graphic of the pink air fryer on a white and pink background to the right
(Image credit: Paris Hilton)

The Paris Hilton Air Fryer is one of the only air fryers I've ever looked at and thought, "That's hot." It's stylish, spacious, and perfect for sizzling snacks.

I've fallen for it after seeing it on TikTok, so not only have I tracked it down and found it on Amazon, but I've also asked the pros why it's as practical as it is pretty. As well as this, I've scouted out other air fryers that are also chic. Hey, it's good to have the choice, right?

If you're scouting out the best air fryers and want one that's going to look gorgeous on your countertop, this is an option that Paris herself approves of.

The Paris Hilton Air Fryer is the only one I want right now

For those looking for small air fryers that are sleek and are spacious enough to make meals for the family, this one from Paris Hilton's kitchen range is my top choice.

I love the look of this one and have read so many rave reviews about it, but I have also rounded up other cute air fryers we have actually used here at Real Homes, in case you want tried and tested options.

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Why we love the Paris Hilton Air Fryer


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The Paris Hilton Air Fryer is super chic and will elevate your kitchen countertop decor game, no matter what kitchen style you’ve gone for.

“Its illuminated touchscreen display, trendy colors, and elegant gold accents make it a standout piece,” explains Sarah Johnson, appliance expert at Big Air Fryers.

“Unlike typical bulky air fryers, this one is designed to be showcased, adding a touch of glam and sophistication,” she says.

One of the standout features of Paris Hilton's Air Fryer is its impressive 1700W technology.

“This ensures thorough air frying, while its 8-in-1 versatility offers settings for air fry, roast, broil, bake, reheat, keep warm, pizza, and dehydrate,” she explains.

“This multi-functionality is particularly beneficial in modern homes where space and time are premium,” adds Elissa Hall, lead designer and founder of EDH Interiors.

She continues, “A family can quickly switch from frying to dehydrating snacks for the kids, ensuring healthy and diverse meal options without cluttering the kitchen with multiple devices.”

Sarah is also a fan of the adjustable time control and temperature range from 90°F to 400°F, providing precise cooking options and catering to a wide variety of recipes and culinary needs.

Shop the Paris Hilton Air Fryer

Shop other cute air fryers

Beyond its stylish appearance, Paris Hilton's air fryer offers advanced functionality that makes it a great addition to any kitchen.

“Its multi-functionality and gorgeous style will be beneficial in modern homes where space and time are at a premium,” Elissa finishes by saying.

If you like this but are looking for something from the Paris range that’s more budget-friendly, Paris Hilton’s knife set is the cutest I’ve ever seen.

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