Spring clean your home and make money in the process

Cleaning and decluttering your house could be unexpectedly rewarding

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It pays to give your house an annual spring clean because you could be sitting on unexpected riches.  

Money is one of the objects found most frequently when you start vacuuming down the backs of sofas, sweeping under chairs and clearing out drawers, according to a survey carried out by home appliance maker Vorwerk.

Nearly a quarter of houseowners and renters said they got their hands on lost cash during the yearly deep clean. Odder items found included wetsuit gloves and medical records.

An impressive two thirds of the people surveyed said they get bitten by the cleaning bug as soon as the evenings start to get lighter. Of the other third, many of them admitted they were just ‘too lazy’ to bother with housework.

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The cleanest areas of the UK are Northern Ireland, the West Midlands and the North East, with more than 70 per cent of people in each of these regions planning on busting the dust. But people in Yorkshire confessed they are more likely to avoid such domestic chores, with 20 per cent saying they have never done a spring clean.

And it is the 45-54-year-olds who are the hoovering heroes, with 71 per cent saying cleaning is a priority compared with 63 per cent of 18-24-year-olds; though with numbers of young adults still living with their parents at an all-time high, those 45-54-year-olds might be cleaning for them, too.

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Eighty per cent said the top target for cleaning is untidy drawers and cupboards where clutter has been hidden out of sight. After that it is cleaning the windows. Three quarters of people plan to tackle bulging wardrobes and get rid of old clothes. Neglected skirting boards will be getting a scrub down by 70 per cent of people while 63 per cent said they would be taking out the cobwebs.

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Declutter and make some cash

While you are doing your spring clean why not have a good clear out too. You could make a pretty penny putting anything you no longer need or use on online car boot sites or eBay.

Top selling items include:

  • Nearly new clothes (even better if they still have the tags)
  • Designer items
  • Retro games and toys (Lego, old and new sells well)
  • Vintage clothing
  • Watches
  • Tech from the big brands (especially items from Sony, Samsung and Apple)
  • Garden furniture
  • Ikea furniture