10 of the best mops tried and tested by us

Our edit of the best mops to buy — from Swiffer-style mops to electric mops and everything in between

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On the hunt for the best mop? If you are in the market for a floor scrubber, then we've got a few worth introducing you to. You might think that a mop is just a mop. They're all manufactured to help us clean our floors, whether we have tile, linoleum, stone, or hardwood. But, there are a few things that set bad mops apart from better models — how easy they are to use, and how they perform.

The Real Homes team has tried and tested these floor mops, all of which are worth their price. There are different types of mops to choose from. If you're living it up in a small space, then consider a flat or spray mop, as these are easier to store. For larger homes, you might want to go for a 2-in-1 mop — that's a cordless vacuum cleaner and a mop — so you won't have to store two tools or walk around your home twice when cleaning. 

Otherwise, a string mop will make this chore faster for you. For good measure, we've also included a brilliant robot mop for anyone who hates this chore and would rather not do it.

Amazon mop deals

1. Joymoop Mop and Bucket with Wringer Set | Was $39.99 Now $39.99 at Amazon 

1. Joymoop Mop and Bucket with Wringer Set | Was $39.99 Now $39.99 at Amazon 

This self-cleaning mop that went viral on #CleanTok earlier this year is on sale now. Plus, it's the best-rated mop and bucket combo on Amazon.

2. Tineco Floor ONE S5 | Was 499.99 Now $449.99 at Amazon 

2. Tineco Floor ONE S5 | Was 499.99 Now $449.99 at Amazon 

If you're looking for a more powerful mop and need a wet and dry vacuum to give your floors a spruce, look no further.

3. iROBOT Braava Jet M6 | Was $449.99, Now $399 at Amazon

3. iROBOT Braava Jet M6 | Was $449.99, Now $399 at Amazon

Have you always wanted a robot mop? If so, now's the time to buy. The iROBOT Braava Jet M6, which we reviewed in our best robot mop and is quick and easy to use. All you need to do is fill its water tank, pop on a mop head and you’re all set. Plus, it comes with an app and voice control through Alexa, and it even maps your home so that you can set boundaries.

Our top 10 best mops to blitz through housework

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The best mops to buy

The mops featured below have either been reviewed by our team, or they've been chosen based on brilliant customer reviews. Either way, they're all fabulous enough to earn a space next to your amazing cleaning supplies.

Things to consider when buying a new mop

1. Head material
When you’re deciding on a floor mop, check the material of the mop head. The most popular choice is microfiber as it's soft, hygienic, and fast drying. Sponge heads are also a good choice as they're breathable and absorbent and work well on flat untextured flooring. Most mop heads are washing machine friendly, too, giving them longevity and being kinder to the environment, but do check first.

2. Does it require a bucket?
If you're after a quick and easy-to-use mop, it's best to steer clear of ones that require a bucket. Instead, opt for a spray mop for a faster finish; these mops-without-buckets also cut down on the amount of storage space you need to keep them — all you need to do is fill up the bottle with hot water and your chosen floor cleaner, attach it to the mop and you're away.

3. Weight
Important if you're less able, some mops can be weighty when loaded, so consider this when you're choosing. Note: spray mops might be heavier than classic mops, but you won't have the weight of the bucket to lug around.

4. Extra features
Some mops come with a free bucket, some extra heads, or other accessories you may reach for when cleaning your home. If they don't, then be sure to check how much replacement heads cost before you buy.


What is the most effective type of floor mop?

There are lots of different types of mops to choose from. The more complex the design, the more you can expect to pay for it. We rate the string mop as the best for actual cleaning since you use it with a bucket and wring out the dirty water from each room. However, with this comes the need for more storage space and you need to lug around a bucket as you clean, too.

Here are all of the different types of mops:

  • Flat mops or spray mops have a spray mechanism inside. Use them with a reusable head or a one-use pad.
  • String mops tend to be made of cotton, are durable, and some come in spin versions to wring out as much water as possible, but they require a bucket.
  • Sponge mops are good for getting into tiles and normally feature a wringer mechanism to ensure you don't soak your floors.
  • Steam mops are the best option if you're after something to help you deep clean, however, they do come at a higher price tag, and some need to be plugged in.
  • Robot mops will do the cleaning for you, with the only thing needed from you is the push of a button.

What is the best type of mop to use on hardwood floors?

Your best option for hardwood floors is a mop with a flat microfiber head that won't disperse too much water, such as the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop, which you can buy from Target. It's specially designed for wooden floors and it comes with a special solution. Plus, microfiber soaks in water and other liquids a lot more easily and quickly than other materials — and the one thing you don’t want to do is soak your hardwood floors.

What type of mop is best for floor tiles?

In our tests, we discovered that the Oxo Microfiber Spray Mop is brilliant for cleaning tiles. This is a spray mop but it has a clever slide-out scrubber that you can use for cleaning the grout in between your tiles. It also makes scrubbing tiles a total breeze. You can buy this OXO mop from Amazon.

How often should I replace my mop?

That'll depend on how often you use yours, and whether the mop head is replaceable or detachable and washable. If the mop head is replaceable, discard yours after about six to eight months of use — sooner if you clean very often.

After a while, your mop will just be redepositing dirt and bacteria back onto your floor. If you have a detachable, washable head, pop it in the wash every month or so, and discard it after two to three years of use, depending on how worn it looks. 

Where to buy a mop

Still not found the right mop for you? See below for where you can browse for a new floor mop and continue your search below.

How we review mops

OXO mop in review sitting on wood floor

OXO mop in review

(Image credit: Future/Annie Collyer)

Seven out of the 10 mops featured in this guide have been hands-on tested by a member of the Real Homes team. All of these mops are used for a number of weeks inside our homes until we feel we are at a point to make a judgment. We try to test these mops on all flooring types, from lino to tiles and laminate. When using these mops, we consider everything including:

- Size — and how easy is it to store?
- Maneuverability — and is it easy to use to clean underneath furniture
- Quality — does it feel like it would last for years of use? Does it do the job without soaking your floors?
- Price — for what it includes, is it affordable? Are refill heads expensive?
- Is it eco-conscious? Depending on the mop's head, some are machine washable and others work with disposable pads.

The three mops we haven't (yet) tested have been included because of their stellar customer reviews. Real people have claimed that these mops are among the best on the market, hence why we wanted to feature them too.

Meet our mop testers:

Melissa Epifano headshot
Melissa Epifano

Our editor Melissa was previously a big fan of the Swiffer Sweeper 2-in-1 Mop for cleaning her floors and she found it super convenient to not have to machine wash a super dirty pad.

Annie Collyer illustration
Annie Collyer

Our head ecommerce editor Annie has tried and tested (and loves) the Oxo Microfiber Spray Mop. It's easy to maneuver and it has a large head to cover more space in less time. Its bottle is nice and big and its slide-out scrubber is great for tough dirt, too.

Jenny illustration
Jenny McFarlane

Jenny is our former senior digital editor, and she loves using the bestselling O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop (branded as the Vileda Turbo in the UK) in her family home. She loves its integrated wringer and that its foot pedal can control how wet (or dry) your floors will be. She also uses it with only water.

Image of Molly Cleary author photo
Molly Cleary

Our former ecommerce writer Molly Cleary, who is now ecommerce editor over at Ideal Home, has tested the iRobot Bravaa Jet M6, featured last (but not least) on our list. Yes, it's an investment but its technology is super impressive. It was reviewed in an apartment and essentially, it cleans your floors on demand. Plus, it's discreet looking.

Jennifer Oksien illustration
Jennifer Oksien

Jen was previously our appliance editor and is now homes editor at Tech Radar. She uses the Bona Wood Floor mop in her home. She'd been searching for a hard floor cleaner to use on her restored wooden floors but didn't want to spend much and this mop gave incredible results for a fraction of the price of others on the market. 

Anna Cottrell illustration
Anna K. Cottrell

Anna was previously our content editor, and she's a fan of one of our most sustainable picks, the E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop, which has a washable head. It has lasted her a long time and it cleans her floors well, especially since it doesn't require cleaner — only water — to do its thing.

alex temblador real homes contributor
Alex Temblador

Alex is a freelancer for Real Homes, and she reviewed the Tineco Floor One S5 for us. Alex lives in Texas and her home is roughly 1,600 square feet in size and is fitted with hard flooring throughout. She doesn't have any pets.

Once you're set up with a brand-new mop, you're going to have to tackle the rest of the house. See the best cleaning supplies our team recommends for getting the job done the right way. 

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