The newer version of my Shark vacuum is less than £200 for Black Friday

Pet hair and dust are no match for this vac

Shark vacuum model in a kitchen
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Choosing a vacuum cleaner is one of those things that makes you feel truly like you're adulting. I remember being a little too excited about picking up my rose gold Shark Duo Clean model AX9910UKT some three years ago. In my defense, I have a cat and a lot of rugs to clean...

Shark vacuums are known to be some of the best around and anyone with a pet will know the woes of their shedding, be it on your bedsheets or on a cute black jacket. It's not a vibe, and keeping fur at bay in a home is always a bit more effort. Plus, if you rent like I do, you'll know that you'd be lucky to get a vacuum that works well to start with, let alone one of the best vacuums out there. Anyhow, I went from using a basic vacuum in a rental to using this Shark model, and it kind of changed my life.

So when I saw that the Shark NZ801UKT Upright Vacuum Cleaner — Amazon's Choice Shark vacuum cleaner, no less — is currently listed for less than £200 for Black Friday it felt like something to shout about. And if you're in the market for a vacuum that goes beyond dust, this could be the moment you've been waiting for.

The Shark vacuum Black Friday deal I'm talking about

Shark NZ801UKT Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Lift Away Technology | Was £349.99

Shark NZ801UKT Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Lift Away Technology | Was £349.99 Now £189.00 (save £160.99) at Amazon
A 46% discount is not too shabby, even by Black Friday standards. If you've got a pet or even just a full head of hair, it's a perfect investment at less than £200.

Top level specs for this Shark vacuum

  • Model: NZ801UKT
  • Size: ‎L11.8 x W10.2 x H46.1 cm
  • Weight: ‎6.5 kg 
  • Noise: ‎70 dB
  • Power: ‎750 W
  • Included: DuoClean® floor nozzle, duster crevice tool, upholstery tool
  • Floor settings: Hard, low pile, high pile
  • Cable length: ‎1.6 m

The specs are near enough the same between my Shark vac and this newer model; I would simply anticipate that it's more effective. Visually, this design is pretty jazzy with a navy and orange finish. Mine is rose gold but looks aside, if the NZ801UKT is anything like my current vac, you'll notice a difference from the first use.

I felt like my space had been thoroughly refreshed and to this day, it's still going strong, keeping my space clean and more manageable, and giving me peace of mind that dust, cat hair, and all the allergens that come with both, are pretty much at bay.

How I use my Shark vacuum

I use it for a deep clean every week, but I'll whip it around my bedroom every couple of days as that's where my cat tends to chill. Generally, it's a little heavy and awkward to manoeuvre around a small room, but that's where Lift-Away mode comes in handy to make it portable. It's ideal for reaching cobwebs, too.

Noise-wise, I don't find it that loud, and whenever I vacuum at unsociable hours (it happens), I'm told that people aren't disturbed. I also have no issues listening to a podcast with headphones in.

There are some reviewers of the Shark NZ801UKT who have noted it as super noisy so bear that in mind. One thing I will say is that my cat is pretty petrified of the vacuum itself, so I'll always keep him out of the house or room when I vacuum.

Floor settings
I've used my Shark in two different homes, one with hardwood floors and one with carpet. Both modes let the vac run across the floor really smoothly, protecting the surfaces and picking up pretty much everything in and out of sight. Its headlights are also ideal for those easy-to-miss spots so you can find dust bunnies under furniture, like the bed or sofa. The high pile setting is great for shag rugs as well.

The add-on tool I use the most has to be the upholstery tool. I always vacuum my mattress because yes, I am that person who lets my cat sleep on the bed and I still haven't got a mattress protector, so I'm very conscious of that. 

Older Shark model

(Image credit: Future)

I also use this tool on my stairs because of the shape. Next, the brush tool is great on baseboards (skirting) to get off initial dust before giving them a wipe down.

The NZ801UKT comes is available with the pet tool, too, which I am sure is super handy.

Suction power

Amazon reviewers give this newer Shark model a 4.8-star rating. The Lift-Away technology on my model does its thing in my home and I do see a pretty instant difference after using it — even to the brightness of my dusty pink Persian rug when I go over it (this should not be a reflection on me either!). It gives me peace of mind also that Shark's Anti-Allergen Complete Seal captures and traps dust and other allergens inside the vacuum.

Anti Hair Wrap Technology

The Shark is great at picking up all hair, however, I have found myself carefully and squeamishly cutting wrapped hair away from the brush roll and this was a rolling theme in reviews of this model too.

Older Shark model

My Shark Duo Clean model AX9910UKT

(Image credit: Future)

Keeping my Shark vacuum clean

The proof that the Shark is doing its job well is literally in the sheer amount of dust, hair, and debris that it picks up. We have a big house, so I empty the dust and fluff compartment after every couple of uses. It's all really simple to take apart and you will notice a difference by keeping the filter clean. Just tap off excess dust between giving it a proper wash and letting it dry completely. 

As I mentioned, the brush roll shouldn't be neglected either as mine has actually become a little tangled, so you just want to stay on top of it. On a positive note, it's oddly satisfying to clean.

In all, my current Shark vac performs really well given the amount of pet (and ahem, human) hair around the house so I can only imagine that the Shark NZ801UKT model will deliver similar if not even better results.

When everything is wrapped up, cord and all, it can fit neatly under the stairs or into a makeshift cleaning corner with no problem. 

To max out the air quality in my space, I usually open the windows when I vacuum and then after I'll leave my air purifier on for a couple of hours. I have the Blueair Blue Pure Fan, which almost adds to my room's aesthetic and gives me peace of mind that I'm breathing in less dust and general allergens, too.

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