Shark steam mop deal: save money whilst you banish dirt and bacteria from the home

Want to sanitise the home? In that case these Shark steam mop deals have landed at a really good time

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Whether you're looking for a gift for you or a gift for a loved one, a Shark steam mop could be a very useful appliance to have around the house right now. They'll tackle bacteria, fungi and mould, not to mention any wine spillages during the festivities. All whilst saving you up to £60 cash when you shop the latest Shark offers which could be put towards buying any last minute stocking fillers, or replenishments for the fridge.

It could be with you within a matter of days with delivery to your door for free. But with Christmas waiting in the wings, the steam mops are in high demand with stock flying off the shelves plus we have possible delays with the coronavirus pandemic and Christmas postal deliveries to navigate through. Our advise is that if you see a deal you like then to get involved with it right away so you don't miss out cleaning your home top-to-bottom ahead (and during) the Crimbo holidays.

Not sure if a Shark steam mop is for you? No worries: we have more top mops in our best steam cleaner guide, at the best prices.

Shark Klik n’ Flip Automatic Steam Mop S6003UKDB | £149.99 £99.99 (save £50) at Shark

This exclusive, limited edition model has been styled with black accents for a classic look. There's three Intelligent Steam Controls which will give you a precise, targeted deep clean with no need for chemicals. This makes it perfect for use on all sealed hard floor types including hardwood, marble, tile and stone. It'll even instantly refresh carpets when used with a carpet glider.

Includes a free carpet glider plus an extra twin pack of pads.View Deal

Shark Floor & Handheld Steam Cleaner S6005UK | £179.99 £119.99 (save £60) at Shark

If you need a versatile steam mop then this is it. It'll instantly transform into a handheld steam cleaner with Sharks signature Lift-Away Technology. It has two automatic steam settings for a targeted deep clean on all sealed hard floors, including tile, stone and hardwood. And if you need to steam clean tiles to worktops, ovens to shower screens, then you just use the included accessories.

Includes concentration nozzle, steam blast scrubbing tool, copper brush and steam crevice tool.View Deal

Need more convincing?

If the money saving and versatility of this Shark steam mop deal have yet to convince you to buy then here's another thing you need to know... both these deals – that's the Shark Klik n’ Flip Automatic Steam Mop S6003UKDB and Shark Floor & Handheld Steam Cleaner S6005UK – offer a completely chemical-free clean throughout the home.

Yep. There will be no nasty smells or potions to buy, mix and hide from the children because there's simply no need for them. You'll simply be cleaning with the power of steam, saving you time and money and keeping your household safe. The aqua in the water tanks will be adequately heated ready for use in just 30 seconds. And if you need a more targeted clean then the Steam Blaster mode will deliver a direct shot of steam to lift any stubborn, stuck-on dirt from the surfaces. Either way, you'll be cleaning and sanitising 99.9 per cent of common household bacteria on sealed hard floors and more which should come as a welcomed sign of relief with Covid-19 still gripping the country.

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