Save £230 on this top Shark pet vacuum, but be quick – it won't be around for long

With a massive 48% off, the Shark DuoClean TruePet 2 is a must-have for pet owners – make Fido happy and race us to the checkout

Shark pet vacuum: Shark DuoClean TruePet 2 Battery Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
(Image credit: Argos)

Our eternal search for the best vacuum cleaner really takes it out of us sometimes, but the effort is worth it when we come across a bargain as good as this: the Shark DuoClean TruePet 2 has an amazing £230 off at Argos.

That got your attention, didn't it? That's a 48% price cut, for anyone that hasn't internalised their maths GCSE – almost half price for a vac that's got over 600 great reviews on Argos.

It's also a must-buy for pet owners, and we'll tell you why. The DuoClean TruePet 2 has a canny ability to suck up the smallest bits of dust and debris around your home, including pet hair and dander, so whether you own a dog/cat/gerbil or have an extremely allergic friend who pops round every now and then, this vac will ensure your home stays clean and welcoming.

But you're not just in it for Fido, so what if we tell you it makes vacuuming a little less painful for you, too? As well as being super-light, it's battery powered and cordless, which means maximum portability around your home. It has a detachable 'pet power brush' to remove hair from floors and furniture, as well as dusting, upholstery and crevice tools.

We're sold, so we'll see you at the checkout – but after that, why not head to our Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping hub for more bargains as they roll in?

Shark DuoClean TruePet 2 Battery Cordless Vacuum Cleaner | Was £479.99, now £249.99 at Argos

This cordless lightweight design is super simply to use, with a DuoClean technology that sucks up dust and debris. Flexible technology and a handheld detachable tool mean you can clean even the darkest, dustiest corners with total ease.View Deal

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