8 pictures from Marie Kondo's Instagram that are satisfying AF if you love organisation

This storage porn from the lovely Marie Kondo sparks so so much joy

Clothing storage Marie Kondo would be proud of
(Image credit: Ikea)

We love Marie Kondo. We know we are rubbish at hiding it, so we are embracing it. But our love goes beyond jumping on a Netflix fad – we swear she keeps us sane. Here's why.

The world can be a messy place, and if like us you are on the tidy side, mess can be rather stressful. To anyone who isn't aggravated by clutter, I find it best to describe it as 'visual noise' and it can be like walking into a room full of people shouting. Only there aren't people shouting – it is just your other half's socks, mugs full of cold tea and leaning towers of magazines from 2011.

We are also realists and even when you buy all the best storage furniture Ikea has to offer, teaching your housemates/family to use it can be a losing battle. So, we seek refuge in Marie Kondo's Instagram feed. A safe space where we see nothing but storage porn and soul-soothing before and afters. 

Take a look at these images. Recreate them if you can. And remember that when times are hard and your kitchen looks like a bomb-site, you can always log on to Marie's Insta and hide in the utility room, sparking joy by folding everything into tidy little thirds.

1. These pantry jars that all know their role

There is nothing like having a purpose in life, even if your only purpose is to keep spaghetti fresh and dry. This is the open kitchen shelving of dreams, complete with labelled Kilner-style jars that all have a different ingredient to protect. Pass me the Dymo – I have some labels to make.

2. The itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, baby clothes snoozing SO neatly in their baskets

'Hats off to the mum that had time to do this,' you say. But as a KonMari konvert (sorry) I know that the time I save looking for all my clothes since they have been folded this way, outweighs the time it takes to put them away like that. By far!

Hey, folding could be what you do while sitting in a dimly-lit nursery waiting for your toddler to drift off before you can escape their room.

3. Suitcases that spark joy wherever you are in the world

You just know these holiday makers are not wasting a second of their vacay trying to find their bikini bottoms. Not only is it all folded to perfection, they definitely have a filing system going on there. There is even space left for a few bottles of duty-free perfume.

4. A fridge that has NEVER seen a bag of mouldy lettuce

This person is my idol for three reasons. They get their greens but they also know that a balanced diet should also include IPA and bubbly. They are a condiment queen (shout out to hot sauce). And OMG their organisational skills are giving me more chills than the fridge itself.

5. A pooch who has been asked which of his toys 'spark joy'

Well done sir for keeping your toys so clean and free of teeth marks. We wish you all the best on your KonMari journey.

6. Rainbow crockery for days

When we grow up we want to exclusively shop in stores that know this is the only way to arrange their wares. Organised by shape, colour and size. You're my favourite.

In awe of this colorful storage display! Photo by @thriftedqueen. Marie Kondo

A photo posted by @mariekondo on May 28, 2019 at 11:32am PDT

7. The jewellery box that will never tangle your necklaces

Does your morning schedule look like this? 

6:30–6:45: Shower and moisturise

6:45–7: Hair and makeup

7:00–7:05: Get dressed

7:05–7:30: Spend 20 minutes trying and failing to untangle a necklace from your favourite dangly earrings, then leave the house in a rush wearing none of it and trying to eat a piece of toast as you get in the car...

Yup. Say goodbye to tangled jewellery with these super-tidy wooden drawers.

8. Aaaannnd the bathroom closet that makes us feel like everything is right in the world

A place for everything and everything in its place has never looked so good. This boss has baskets for washcloths, pouches for cleaning products and toiletries and theeee whitest towels in all the land. Ahhhhhhh. 

This KonMari’d linen closet is 🤯. Bravo @jennirobins! Marie Kondo

A photo posted by @mariekondo on Jul 9, 2019 at 9:05am PDT

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