Zoflora uses: 17 ways to banish bacteria and viruses from your home

Try these Zoflora uses when doing your next clean and wipe that bacteria away. Oh, and don't even get us started on the viruses it can kill...

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Big Zoflora user but running out of idea? Jot down these Zoflora uses and clean your home from top to bottom using one product. Trust us: this cleaning product is a game-changer. Not only can it kill bacteria and several viruses, but it leaves an oh-so-lovely smell behind. Your guests will be begging for your secret.

Zoflora is named the UK's number one disinfectant for good reason – one bottle of Zoflora can help rid your surfaces of bacteria, freshen your upholstery and clean daily use items such as television remotes, door handles and more. One bottle of Zoflora can last for several cleans as this disinfectant needs to be diluted before use. More on that below.

We've tried and tested a number of uses with this very popular disinfectant and are happy to report back the ones we love and use on a daily basis. From washing machine cleaning hacks to cleaning pet items, deep cleaning toys and freshening up drains. We've thought of everything and popped it below. Pens at the ready!

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Zoflora starter kit...

Zoflora and COVID-19

Zoflora have confirmed they are yet to test their disinfectant against COVID-19 as the health authorities are yet to release a strain to allow testing. This means that using Zoflora to clean COVID-19 infested surfaces means there's no guarantee this disinfectant will kill the virus. However, Zoflora has been tested against other coronaviruses and showed activation within five minutes. From this, we can assume that Zoflora can kill COVID-19, but cannot be 100 per cent sure until the relevant testing has happened. 

Zoflora can, however, kill E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and viruses such as Influenza –Type A (H1N1), Human Herpes Virus, Rotavirus and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).

How much Zoflora should I use?

  • Diluted: generally, you should dilute Zoflora so it's one part Zoflora, 40 parts water. So one capful (10ml) from any size bottle is fine if you're diluting to make 400ml of disinfectant;
  • Neat: one capful should be used to really give something a good clean, such as drains or toilets;
  • Mop: for mop buckets, as they're bigger than spray bottles, you can use four capfuls to 1.5 litres of water. Same goes for soaking cleaning cloths after use.

What not to use Zoflora on

  • Not to be used on polished wood, painted or varnished surfaces. 
  • Not recommended for use on concrete imprint driveways, patios, or other dyed outdoor surfaces.
  • It's important not to mix Zoflora with other chemicals.

17 best Zoflora uses for cleaning your home

What do we say when advising you to use chemicals to clean with? Always do a patch test first and read the manufacturer's instructions...

1. Use Zoflora to mop your floors (obvs) – but your child's high chair?

Did you know that your child's high chair has, on average, 1,500 times more faecal matter on it than his/her potty. Really. Well, according to Zoflora. So, wiping it down after every meal and thoroughly once a week will banish all that bacteria – and, hopefully, the image we've just conjured for you.

2. Use Zoflora to clean your floors and make them shine

Moving swiftly on to floors... After you've vacuumed your floor and it's free of crumbs, dirt and pet hair, grab a mop and bucket and dilute four capfuls of Zoflora to 1.5 litres of hot water. Squeeze the mop well and buff after for a lovely shine. You can do this on tiles, lino and painted pine floors, and it'll ensure any bacteria which has been brought in from outside is killed, while making your floors look clean. 

Use a spray mop for easier mopping, but be careful not to soak your floors. It's worth noting though, that Zoflora can't be used on polished or oiled wood.

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3. Spray Zoflora on upholstery, curtains and mattresses for an instant refresh

Sofa a bit, well, niffy? Curtains giving off a scent of last weekend's party? Mattress... sweaty? Forget your average fabric refresh, dilute some Zoflora (as directed on the box) in a spray bottle and spritz sparingly on to your upholstery, curtains and mattresses to not only make your home smell fresh but to kill bacteria, too. 

Don't use so much that furnishings become damp – even a light application will make the product's scent stick for a while. And it's a smart idea to carry out a patch-test beforehand to prevent marking delicate furniture. We'd avoid using on fabrics such as velvet, too.

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4. Use Zoflora to clean your bathroom... and toilet brush

Let's take those bacteria-killing but kid-friendly properties into the bathroom. Of course, you can use it as an air freshener but spritz it over your shower tray, add a capful to your toilet, and add capful to a sink or bath bath filled with hot water, leave for 20 minutes, empty and rinse, and your fittings will be gleaming (and hygienic).

Wait a minute, though, we're not finished – and sorry about this, but we're going to talk toilet brushes, the ultimate germ hot spot in the bathroom. Our advice, soak the whole thing in a bucket filled with a capful of Zoflora and hot water, then fill the bottom of the toilet brush holder with neat Zoflora to keep it smelling sweet(ish).

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5. Use Zoflora as a germ-killing, odour-stopping air freshener

Hey, we're down with living with a bit of bacteria – it's all good for the immune system, right? And, we all know that most cleaning agents we buy remove dirt... But did you know that a lingering niffs are usually down to the bacteria that's left behind by any products we're using that don't deal with them? 

That's where a good clean with bacteria-murdering really comes into its own. Or, if you just want to give your home a quick refresh, use a spray bottle to spritz diluted Zoflora around the house. It'll kill any bacteria or viruses developing on surfaces, banishing those household smells for just a little longer.

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6. Disinfect your bins using Zoflora

So, we might all clean our indoor bins regularly (right?), and of course you can do it with Zoflora (add some kettle water and a neat capful of Zoflora into the bottom of an empty bin and leave for 20 minutes, wipe down with kitchen roll or leave to air dry), but it turns out that it's also good for disinfecting recycling bins, nappy bins and other bins outdoors, too. 

7. Disinfect and clean pet trays, beds and carriers

Cleaning after pets is a tricky one. If your cat or house rabbit use a litter tray, you need something that will do a good job of cleaning and disinfecting but that is also pet-friendly. Step forward Fresh Home Zoflora, created specifically for homes with pets. You can simply spray it (follow instructions on the bottle for dilution) into the empty tray, leave to soak then wipe out. You can also spray pet carriers so they stay fresh smelling, and you can clean pet beds and toys with it, too. 

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8. Zoflora washing machine and dishwasher deep clean

Cleaning your washing machine and dishwasher every now and then extends their lifetimes and ensures they're cleaning your clothes as well as they can. We're all for that. But did you know that washing machine drums and dishwasher interiors are the perfect habitat for collecting and growing harmful bacteria? 

Adding a neat capful of Zoflora to your empty washing machine/dishwasher and running a hot cycle every once in a while will keep yours in squeaky clean condition. Funky odours be gone!

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9. Disinfect your washing clothes, sponges and mop heads

If you have favourite washing cloths you like to keep for a deep clean like Mrs Hinch does (Minkehs, Pinkehs and Dave), then give them a good wash with some Zoflora to keep them smelling fresh and free of germs. Fill up your kitchen sink with hot water, add a capful of Zoflora and your cloths and let them soak for 20 minutes. Squeeze them out and hang to air dry. 

10. Sterilise your phone and desk (you'll want to if you read this)

Ready for some more gross-out facts? The average home office desk is home to 20,000 PER SQUARE INCH. And, your phone's ear piece and mouth piece each harbours 1,400 germs. Germs also thrive on lots of the household items you use day-to-day, such as remote controls, light switches and, of course, on your mobile phone. Panic not. Spray a little diluted Zoflora on to a cloth and wipe down your electrical items for peace of mind. Once a week will do. 

11. Give your lightbulbs a new lease of life

Lightbulbs – most people forget about cleaning them. But dust collects on lightbulbs, which affects the light they emit. And in kitchens, that dust becomes grime which, once the bulbs warm up, emits a smell, too. So, giving them a good clean every now and then will banish both those nasties. Of course you could use a cloth dampened with water to clean the bulbs (lights unplugged obvs), but if you add a dash of Zoflora, you'll get a hint of its scent when the lights go back on. A hack to brighten your life (literally).

12. Freshen up your vacuum cleaner (filters)

Does your vacuum cleaner have a filter, as opposed to bags? Perfect. Why not clean it with Zoflora before you vacuum? It'll spread the scent when you vacuum, which means you won't have to go round the house spraying it afterwards. 

13. Use Zoflora to make your fridge fresher

If your fridge is harbouring a lingering smell you just can't shift (mouldy cheese and aged cabbage, we're looking at you), use well-diluted Zoflora to give it a good clean. The bacteria banishing properties will shift the smell. Just don't use too much – you don't want that expensive cheese tasting of Mountain Air, Lavender Escape, Linen Fresh or whatever scent is your favourite.

14. Spritz your fake flowers

Got fake flowers in your home? Let's be honest, they're a much easier option than re-purchasing fresh ones every week and in the long run mean less plastic waste. However, they can be quite hard to keep clean – smell and dust-wise. To battle this, rinse them under a tap (or put them in the garden and hose them en masse), then simply spray with a diluted Zoflora solution and leave. We've found that Bouquet or Summer Bouquet works best.

15. Zoflora on radiators? Yes you can... and here's why

Remember what we said about lightbulbs above emitting your favourite Zoflora scent when they warm up? Same goes for radiators. So, when you're cleaning, use a little Zoflora on your cloth and wipe radiators over. Next time they come on, they'll scent the room. Clever.

16. Smelly car? This will do the trick

Want to get in the car to be greeted with nothing but nice smells? Next time you're giving your car some TLC, use a cloth sprayed with Zoflora to clean the vents. It's that easy. Next time you turn on said vents, your favourite smell will fill the car. Because car air fresheners are overrated, right?

17. Now go outside and clean

So, that's the house done. Now, venture outdoors and ad a neat capful to your drains. Of course it's not going to knock out every germ lurking but they will smell fresher, which is handy if you've got a smelly drain right by the patio and guests due for a lunch al fresco any minute.

Giving the garden a deeper clean? You can use diluted Zoflora on patios to freshen them up and to clean pet soils, as well as on garden furniture and children's play apparatus to keep them clean. The neighbours may start asking for tips.

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What are the Zoflora scents?

  • Springtime
  • Midnight Blooms (LIMITED EDITION)
  • Hello Spring
  • Honeysuckle and Jasmine
  • Fresh Home, Green Valley
  • Fresh Home, Mountain Air
  • Fresh Home, Coastal Breeze
  • Linen Fresh
  • Country Garden
  • Bouquet
  • Bluebell Woods
  • Lavender Escape
  • Tropical Twist (LIMITED EDITION)
  • Secret Garden (LIMITED EDITION)
  • Lavender
  • Mandarin & Lime (LIMITED EDITION)
  • Lemon Zing
  • Summer Breeze
  • Twilight Garden

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