Olivia Culpo's living room is on trend for 2025 and beyond — designers love the power of her enduring luxe style

The model's minimalist style is favorites by design pros, who say it's simple to replicate

Olivia Culpo, a brunette woman wearing a black lace dress, standing in front of a white background with purple lettering on it
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Bringing personality in through refined decor elements can be tricky to do, but Olivia Culpo's living room has proved to me that you can indeed do this.

I'm loving how the model and Miss Universe winner has brought together modern furnishings and decor, which work together wonderfully in her compact living space. I've asked designers why her space looks so good and how you can bring her luxe aesthetic into your living room on a budget.

If you're searching for living room ideas that are seriously sophisticated, Olivia's sophisticated scheme is worth stealing.

Why I love Olivia Culpo's living room

One of the interior design trends that hasn’t gone anywhere this year is quiet luxury, and Olivia Culpo's living room embodies this perfectly.

“The neutral color palette, white textured walls, and light wood floors keep the room bright while adding warmth, which contributes to the airy ambiance,” explains Pam Hutter, designer and principal at Hutter Architects.

“The statement wall, adorned with white shiplap arranged in a striking herringbone pattern, draws the eye to the white marble fireplace, which offers a touch of timeless sophistication,” says Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design.

She also loves how the uniquely shaped mirror above the fireplace reflects the wood beams on the ceiling, adding depth and warmth to the room.

“Grounding the space is a plush white rug, atop which sits a unique stone coffee table with distinctive spherical legs, adding a pop of color and organic texture to the room,” she explains.

All of this is complemented by living room lighting artfully placed around the space.

“The ambiance is elevated by the large black metal chandelier with a round base and candle-like lights, as well as the black metal wall sconces with white double lamp shades,” Nina adds. 

How to recreate Olivia Culpo's living room

To replicate this sleek yet cozy style, Pam suggests starting with minimalist furniture silhouettes in a neutral color such as gray, white, and dark brown. 

“From here, add texture to the walls with alternating matte and glossy paint or wallpaper. Exposed concrete or wood floors also help open up the space,” she says.

Most importantly, Pam says to opt for fewer furnishings that serve multiple purposes, like a storage ottoman or nesting tables. “This prevents clutter and maximizes functionality,” she adds.

 The best storage ottomans don’t need to be expensive, either — for example, the Mxfurhawa Velvet Storage Ottoman from Amazon is the site’s choice and is multipurpose. 

“Keeping the overall footprint smaller and including amenities like ample natural light helps tremendously in creating a streamlined, harmonious interior at home,” she says.

A sleek space with purposefully chosen accents like Olivia's can be very impactful.

Nina explains, “The shapely white vase filled with dark purple flowers sitting on top of the coffee table adds a touch of natural beauty, while the cello stood by itself in the cabinet shows its meaning to her.”

The key is not to overcrowd the space and allow architectural details and materials to shine through.  

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For those wanting a clean, uncluttered space that still feels warm and welcoming, Olivia Culpo’s living room offers plenty of inspiration.

“Her space is a testament to refined taste, where every detail is meticulously chosen to create a serene atmosphere,” Nina finishes by saying.

If you love this refined style and want to bring it into other areas of your home, Taylor Swift’s kitchen also offers plenty of luxe yet personal elements.

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