Marie Kondo shows fans how to organise a tool kit – a tidy weekend project

Marie Kondo's latest storage hack is the perfect way to tick one chore off your to do list

Storage jars used in a garage work space
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Looking for a super quick and easy Saturday project? Marie Kondo has you covered. It's time to face the toolbox (or drawer) and get it organised! Well, we say toolbox but as you will see, this storage hack can be adapted to suit any part of your home that needs organising. Plus, you can get sorting by using things you probably already have hanging so no excuses. Keep scrolling to see Marie Kondo's handy video and let its very satisfying outcome get you motivated. 

If you are feeling even more productive this weekend, we have a whole feature on garage storage ideas for you to check out too. 

How to organise a tool box according to Marie Kondo

The secret to the perfect toolbox organising? Jars! Of course! We love a storage jar, there are very few things you can't store in them and instantly feel like your life is more put together. You can pick up small jars like this from Amazon but we bet you can get a good collection going just by reusing old jars from your cupboards. Top tip: baby food jars are the perfect size for sorting loads of small screws and fittings.

Marie Kondo has shown this hack to sort out your toolbox, but we are thinking bigger. This could totally work to sort your gardening paraphernalia – seeds, string, labels, that sort of thing. You could also use this handy video to organise your bathroom drawers, your stationery drawer, that 'store everything that doesn't have a home' drawer, basically pick any drawer and use Marie Kondo's tip to get it looking beautiful. 

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