Marie Kondo has made a third of us compulsive – but happy – cleaners

A third of us spend over three hours a week cleaning thanks to Marie Kondo; one in five claims it 'makes me happy'

Marie Kondo
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As Marie Kondo might say, 'Does cleaning your house spark joy?'. Well, according to the results of a new survey, for one in five of us, the craze for decluttering and cleaning means it has become a hobby or therapy of sorts, with respondents explaining that they clean because it makes them happy. 

The survey of Tombola's 160,000-strong Facebook community suggests that the Marie Kondo effect really has taken hold. Over a quarter of those asked (28 per cent) spend an impressive three hours a week cleaning, and 12 per cent spend substantial amounts (over £30/$40) each month on cleaning products. Given the average price of hiring a cleaner is around £15/$20 per hour (depending on where you live), that cleaning product shopping bill could easily be spent on outsourcing the weekly cleaning chores. 

But no, it seems we prefer to do them ourselves. Some tasks spark more joy than others, however, with vacuuming named as the favourite cleaning chore by 28 per cent of the respondents. 

We spend more time doing laundry than any other task, at an incredible 65 minutes per week, which could also reflect that many of us like doing washing.

And the most hated chore? It's cleaning the oven, which over 35 per cent said they absolutely detest. It's no wonder, then, that it's the task that we spend the least time on, at just seven minutes per week.

Back to the link between good mental health and cleaning, though. In February, we reported on how the Marie Kondo tidying revolution can make us healthier in body and mind. The studies we looked at drew direct links between good mental health and clean homes versus the stress caused by clutter. Clutter was also found to affect concentration levels, while making the bed every day was likely to result in a better night's sleep.

Putting good mental health aside, we also reported in March on how cleaning and garden is better than a gym workout

So, if it makes us feel better in body and mind, it's likely the craze for cleaning is here to stay. Thanks Marie Kondo.