Recreate the beauty of Lori Harvey's birthday dinner tablescape like a pro

Lori Harvey's birthday dinner style is definitely one to copy for a big occasion, say our experts

Hori Harvey in a black dress and a sliver glittery background and dinnerware on a grey background
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We couldn't tell you what was served at Lori Harvey's birthday dinner because we were too busy swooning over her gorgeous tablescape. 

The star rang in 27 with loved ones and a setup that was nothing short of sumptuous, from tapered candles and floral accents, to beautiful dinnerware and personalized menus. We felt inclined to take a page from Lori's birthday book, so we asked event planners for tips on elevating our own celebratory get-togethers.  

As you start brainstorming ways to mark your next trip around the sun, let the pros provide insight into hosting essentials, non-negotiable details, and everything in between. We guarantee your big day will be incredibly polished. 

Work special elements of Lori Harvey's birthday dinner into your tablescape 

While paying homage to Lori Harvey's elegant and floral design, you'll craft a birthday tablescape that's as unforgettable as the celebration itself.

Jennifer Allen, micro wedding specialist and officiant at Just Elope, advises before choosing linens, dinnerware, and menu options, pick a color palette and a theme. 

"Injecting personal flair adds intimacy," Jennifer says. "Consider personalized place cards, cherished photos, or decorations that reflect the birthday person's passions and personality."

Candles, Jennifer notes, are the "heart” of Lori’s style, with votives, pillars, tea lights — bonus points if you can sneak one of your favorite home fragrances into the setup — with the plates and linens bringing everything together. Not to mention often unnoticed details, such as the flower petals in napkins, cranking the luxe up a notch.

With these elements in mind, you will build a lovely, cohesive setup. But don't overcrowd the dining table, and make sure to stick to a neutral palette that lets one pop of color do the talking.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the celeb birthday bash budget to match Lori’s. ”To get the luxurious look for less, I recommend designing and printing your own birthday menus using Canva, Adobe Illustrator, or a similar software," says event planner Cameron Forbes, founder of Forbes Functions. "To emulate Lori Harvey’s birthday tablescape, focus on the details and customize your décor and design as much as possible."

"It's important to keep simplicity and repetition in mind," adds Virginia Frischkorn, the founder and CEO of Partytrick. "The beauty comes from the repetitive nature of a handful of luxurious elements rather than mixing and matching too much."

Cheers to these delightful recs and hosting tips! Who's ready for some celebratory bubbly?

Jennifer Allen
Jennifer Allen

Jennifer Allen, a micro wedding specialist, CEO, and officiant at Just Elope LLC, has a superpower: stripping away the stress of one of the most memorable moments of a couple’s new life together by planning the most luxurious intimate wedding in as little as 24 hours. Who better to guide us than someone who's done it herself? She also appeared on Love Is Blind and wrote #RelationshipGoals.

Virginia Frischkorn
Virginia Frischkorn

Virginia (Edelson) Frischkorn is founder and CEO of Partytrick, a digital service and app that is like having a party planner in your pocket. She was previously one of the top event planners in the country, as recognized by Martha Stewart Weddings, Vogue, Over the Moon, Brides and Biz Bash.

Cameron Forbes
Cameron Forbes

Cameron Forbes is the visionary founder of Forbes Functions, where exceptional event planning meets the pulse of New York City. She specializes in creating bespoke experiences for her clients.

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