These are the best dining tables for small spaces — modern, extendable, and drop-leaf small dining tables

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I gotta hand it to my couch — it’s getting some serious butt time! I binge-watch Vanderpump Rules on that thing every evening (#TeamAriana), and I even WFH on my couch when I’ve had enough of working at my bedroom desk and want to snuggle up under a cozy blanket with my dog. But it doesn’t end there, folks. As I only have a teeny-tiny apartment, I’ve also been eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner sitting on my couch, off my coffee table as I don’t have a dining room. Sure, I have a space in my living room that’s probably meant to be filled with a dining room table — but do I use it for that purpose? Nah. Well, your girl is about to change as she's been researching dining tables for small spaces.

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Yep, in an effort to become more of an *adult* I’ve decided to stop my couch-induced hunchback in its tracks and eat like a real person! Hooray!!!!! Of course, I’ve had to be a little picky when choosing a dining table for my rental, as I only have a small space to work with. I can’t have anything too big, and I’ve been searching for something that has space-saving qualities that mean I can tuck it away if I decide to throw a rager with all of my friends (okay, a small party for five). 

Thankfully, I’ve searched the internet for small dining tables so you don’t have to! Prepare to make me your new bestie, because I’ve found everything from small modern dining room tables to drop-leaf and extendable dining tables. Yep, I’ve covered it all, and I’m convinced that you’ll find the PERFECT dining room table for your small rental below. 

The best dining tables for small spaces

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Modern dining tables for small spaces

Think you have to sacrifice style and modern luxury when buying a small dining table? Think again, y’all. There are so many modern dining tables out there, and they’ll all fit perfectly in a small dining room, or in the nook of your living room if you don’t have a separate space. These things are modern and functional and are great if you’re someone who really loves to turn your rental into a home and splash your personality everywhere. So, carry on living your best modern life with these modern dining tables for small spaces, you trendsetter!

Extendable dining tables for small spaces

Okay, okay. You probably think of your grandma’s house when you think of extendable dining tables, but we’ve gone through an extendable dining room table revolution since your Gam-Gam bought her ugly thing back in the 1940s! Not only are these tables now super chic and stylish, but they’re amazing for those who don’t have a lot of space to work with. Although you can keep these tables small when you’re dining solo or with your housemate, you can also extend them when you need a little extra space! And we love that flexibility for a small space, right? 

Drop-leaf dining tables for small spaces

I’m the BIGGEST drop-leaf dining table fan, as these really do hit the nail on the head when it comes to practicality and functionality in a small space. Not only can they be made smaller and bigger depending on how you want to use them, but most drop-leaf tables give you the benefit of having a dining room table with at least one flat side. This means that you can shove it against a wall to keep it out of the way! Genius, right?


What dining tables are best for small spaces?

There are so many different styles of space-saving dining room tables out there, but there are a few specifics that these tables often follow. Tables that measure around 60 inches in diameter are best when you want to comfortably seat four people around the table, but obviously, you can go smaller if you prefer to dine solo. And when it comes to size, dining tables for small spaces are almost always round. Without corners to bump into, this shape also creates on continuous flow for the eye to follow, making a room look much bigger than it actually is. But if you can’t find a round dining room table that you like, why not opt for a drop-leaf style instead? This way, you can push it up against the wall!

How do you maximize space in a small dining room?

If you have a dining room in your apartment, no matter how small it may be, it can be easy to fall into bad habits of using this space to store your things. But professional declutterer and organizer Catherine Hamilton-Cooper (AKA Declutter Bird) wants you to stop doing that RIGHT NOW. She told me that it’s always best to “organize for your space, not your stuff.” Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t store *some* things in your small dining room, but the main focus should be on making sure your small dining room table and chairs take up the most space. “You can have the most wonderful storage solutions, but if you are trying to store and fit in far too many items for the space you have, it’s never going to work and your room will look cluttered,” says Catherine. And before you start buying storage, this organizing queen wants you to “thoroughly declutter and keep only what you really need, use and love, and consider if your dining room is the rightful ‘home’ of each item you are keeping.” Yep, she knows what she’s talking about, folks. 

How we chose these small dining tables

All of the dining tables for small spaces in this guide have been chosen because the Real Homes team believes they are some of the best on the market. We always make sure to choose ones that are rated highly by customers and those that won’t break the bank. 

Where to buy a small dining table

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