Kitchen makeover back on? This is how to stay on budget

COVID put a spanner in the works of many kitchen makeovers and house extensions. This is how to get your project, and budget, back on track

L-shape white kitchen with oak worktops, black pendant light and rugs
(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

If you were planning a kitchen makeover or extension project JUST before COVID-19 pandemic hit us, then we have some good news. 

Because although Instagram was (and still is) full of people managing to finish up their home improvement projects while spending more time at home, it hasn’t been quite the same for those who had to put their plans to the side. Indeed, house extension and renovation work came to a halt at the start of the pandemic, and although more sizeable home improvement projects have been able to continue since May 14th – with the right safety measures in place, of course – there has still been one big change to most people’s plans: budget.

Installing a new kitchen as part of a home extension project can do wonders for your property value, but it’s no secret that keeping new kitchen costs down isn't always easy. And, one of the main causes to induce extra costs are halts and interruptions in the works. These should usually be accounted for when budgeting for kitchen extension costs; however, that’s not to say that it can’t hit harder than expected. 

So, for those who have lost a fair amount of budget due to the pandemic, it’s only natural to look for different ways to save, while still completing your dream space. Because it is out of the question that you should give up on your beautiful kitchen now!

Bespoke painted kitchen

(Image credit: The Used Kitchen Company)

According to The Used Kitchen Company, ‘The UK was expecting to see a six to seven per cent growth rate in home renovations over the next few years, but this is now projected to shrink.’ Due to the current climate having put many people in financial strain, and also due to future uncertainties about the future for homeowners, and the housing market as a whole. 

Those who had already started work on their refurbishment or build, could now be facing ‘a budget dilemma, wondering whether or not to cut back on their original fixtures and fittings’ budget.’

But, as mentioned above, the show must go on, and there are two scenarios to work with here:

Scenario A: your new kitchen or kitchen extension plans aren’t finalised and construction work hasn’t started, in which case, you can still save on remodelling costs. And, if you're going for a full on kitchen extension we can help too. 

Scenario B: construction has started and/or is back on track, in which case you can still save money on fitting out your kitchen and on the interior decoration itself.

You don't have to roll all these ideas out – it all depends on your budget – but even just a couple of tweaks can make all the difference to your bank balance, without disrupting the result of your home improvement project. 

  1. Choose a preloved or ex-display kitchen: The Used Kitchen Company specialises in these and you can find beautiful designs, with a 50 to 70 per cent saving on the new cost. So, whether you're working with £3,000 or £25,000, you'll find something to fit the bill and, it's also a great way to reduce waste and landfill. You save the kitchens, you save the earth!
  2. Install kitchen units yourself: it could save you anything up to £2000 in installation fees.
  3. DIY decor: tiling your kitchen splash back and painting walls yourself are all projects you can DIY with ease. And for beautiful kitchen ideas to help inspire your final look, be sure to check out our feature.
  4. Upcycling what you have: painting kitchen cupboards can give them a new lease of life, it's affordable, bespoke (and fun). 

Looeeze Grossman, CEO at The Used Kitchen Company, says: 'There is no need for anyone midway through a home extension or renovation project to feel they have to compromise and not go for the quality of kitchen they had seen as being integral to their vision for their space.

'Hopefully, our message is a blues-buster for those believing they have to downgrade their plans. We’ve already started to see signs of this amongst those who know about our brilliant sustainability focused service, so we need to spread the word to other home renovators, self-builders and improvers.  We must also not forget that homeowners, who now have a disinclination to move home, can give a new lease of life to their space with a nearly new designer kitchen.'

And we say, 'hear hear'.

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