Kendall Jenner’s living room is ‘the perfect example of modern elegance’ say design experts

The model and influencer has brought cozy, neutral tones into her space with style

Kendall Jenner's living room has set tongues wagging. Here she is, a white woman with long dark hair, wearing a red dress on the red carpet
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Kendall Jenner's living room brings in cozy textures and a warm color palette, creating the perfect spot to take a load off. We spotted Kendall kicking back on Instagram, lounging on a plush couch, with her favorite home comforts dotted around.

If you're wondering how to recreate the same relaxed and inviting space only, you'll only need to combine a few furniture and decor pieces to nail it. And, best of all, it doesn't matter what your budget, or how small your home our experts have shared their top hacks for achieving Kendall-level lounging.

When searching for small living room ideas, using timeless design solutions like Kendall will eliminate the need to keep refreshing your space. 

Kendall Jenner's living room

Want to know how to make your small living room cozy? Kendall's neutral living room with soft textures is the perfect source of inspiration. 

Why we love Kendall Jenner's living room

Kendall is known for her sleek, effortless outfits — so it makes total sense she’s brought this aesthetic into her living room. “I think Kendall Jenner's living room is a perfect example of modern elegance,” says Jonathan Faccone, design expert and founder of HALO Homebuyers.

The palette Kendall has chosen also brings in key small space color trends for 2024.

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Jonathan Faccone

Jonathan Faccone is a design expert, real estate investor and developer. He is the managing member of Halo Homebuyers, a real estate home-buying company based in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

To recreate Kendall's warm and inviting atmosphere, Jonathan adds, “I suggest incorporating a similar color scheme in your own space by mixing up shades of white, beige, and gray. You can also add layers of texture with materials like wood, faux fur, and velvet.” 

Elsewhere, Kendall has gray vases displayed on the floor, artistic bowls displayed on her modern coffee table, and a quirky metallic pot on her TV stand. 

“This also gives it a bohemian-chic vibe with a European flair, indicative of her penchant for global artisanal crafts,” Guillaume Drew, interior designer and founder at Or & Zon, tells Real Homes.

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Guillaume Drew

Guillaume Drew is the founder of Or & Zon, a home decor store blending sustainable luxury with global artisanal treasures to enhance everyday living.

Guillaume observes how the unique handcrafted pieces add richness to Kendall's living room, thanks to their traditional craftsmanship. 

“Sourcing items from small studios or independent artisans can add a similar touch of elegance and cultural richness,” he adds. It’s worth visiting secondhand furniture stores like Goodwill and visiting online stores like Etsy’s site to find unique pieces.

All of this is complemented by the indoor plants and dried flowers placed in vases and on shelving throughout the living room. “The same look can easily be incorporated into any space and by adding a touch of nature, you're bringing life to the room.” 

If you want to do this but are not the best at plant care, be sure to go for low-maintenance plants like snake and pothos plants.

Get the look with these buys inspired by Kendall Jenner's living room

These pieces inspired by Kendall's living room are perfect for making your small space look luxe.

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Kendall's home is a gorgeous example of pairing softer colors and textures with uniquely shaped pieces to create a striking effect. When decorating, opting for modern small living room ideas like hers will make your home look super chic — and you don't need to spend a lot to achieve this style.

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