Homeowners spend an average of £15,215 on furnishings

New research shows that homeowners are spending on average £15,215 on furnishing their homes

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A survey* by Terry’s Fabrics, covering 3,186 three-bedroom homeowners over 18 years old, aimed to find out how much Britons are spending on furniture, and what the most money was being spent on.

The top five most expensive items bought were:

  • Sofa – 26%
  • Television – 21%
  • Kitchen units – 14%
  • Fridge – 9%
  • Oven – 7%

The findings, in the above infographic, show the lounge as room with the most investment in furniture, with the kitchen a close second. Although these spaces are integral to family living, and the extra expense for high-quality pieces such as furniture and appliances isn’t always needed.

Paul McGinness, Managing Director of Terrys’ Fabrics explains: ‘There’s no hiding the fact that it is expensive to furnish and decorate your house, but I have to say I’m surprised at just how much Britons seem to be spending on furnishing their homes. There’s some great deals out there for brilliant products, so it is really worth shopping around to get exactly what you want. You could even try some made to measure products, which can add the special touch to your property.’

*All respondents were asked to estimate the value of each of the rooms in their house according to the expense of the contents (including all appliances and furniture)