Here's how to get red wine stains out of a carpet

Red wine stains on the carpet? Here's how to get them out – fast

Red wine spill on carpet
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Removing red wine stains quickly from carpets is key to success. Thought you could use salt or white wine to do it? You can't. The stain will be lessened but, if anything, these two 'fake news' solutions help set the red wine stain for good. 

So, follow our advice and remove red wine stains from a carpet successfully. Ours is a tried and tested method that works brilliantly on carpets (but you can use it on furniture and clothes, too). We've got some red wine stain removal advice for upholstery and clothes, too.

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How to get red wine out of a carpet

1. Use kitchen roll to dab and blot the red wine until it's almost dry. 

2. Then flush it with carbonated or soda water. Dab and blot again. 

3. Flush the stain again with the water, then repeat the drying process. In our experience, that should do it, although sometimes you can finish the job off perfectly with a good quality carpet cleaning product

4. If the wine stain has fixed, you can still attempt to remove it with the fizzy water method – flush then blot, flush then blot. Failing that, you may need to try a carpet cleaning machine or call in a professional.

What not to do: Swap the soda water for white wine – it's as effective at setting a red wine stain as salt is. 

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