Eva Longoria mixed a margarita on TikTok, and now we're adding these essentials to our cocktail toolkit

Eva Longoria, tequila brand founder and CEO, has margarita recipes on lock, so we're taking a page from her book

Eva Longoria in a gold strapless gown on a red and pink carpet next to a picture of a margarita on a pink gradient
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Eva Longoria, tequila brand CEO and Desperate Housewives star, ventured over to TikTok to celebrate National Margarita Day with an unusual yet alluring concoction, and of course, the accessories to make it all happen.

As we watched the Casa Del Sol founder prepare an activated charcoal margarita, we couldn't help but note the recipe and the accessories needed for mixing and shaking. There's prep work involved, and you'll need the proper tools before you can start sipping. 

Now that you're readying yourself for a dinner party, add these bar cart staples to your collection if margaritas are on the menu.


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As all entertainers know well, hosting essentials feel incomplete without the proper mixology accessories, the way the meal would with the appropriate cookware

"A good cocktail shaker and mixing glass are the best place to start," says Gaston Martinez, the co-founder and CEO of IZO Spirits. "This will be your home base for mixing or stirring all kinds of drinks."

The Elevated Craft Cocktail Shaker available at Nordstrom is a crowd-pleaser and is currently 35% off while the True, Brown Double Jigger with Acacia Handle at Target is 45% off and has a near-perfect rating from shoppers. And though each guest's lime preferences are likely to differ, a citrus juicer is non-negotiable. The Cook With Color Citrus Press Juicer at Amazon could assist. 

Now that the basics are squared away, here are a few additional margarita-minded picks to help make the mixing process more fun and the taste more satisfying. And if you're really planning to wow your guests with cocktails, we found Cardi B's favorite blender for making "Cardi-ritas" and three budget-friendly alternatives.

Gaston Martinez
Gaston Martinez

Gaston Martinez is the co-founder and CEO of IZO Spirits (IZO), which creates sustainably handcrafted agave spirits. The entrepreneur is a spirits aficionado, making him an essential voice in the mixology field. 

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