DIY Christmas decorations: 10 easy ideas to create a unique festive feel

Want to get crafty this Christmas? These DIY Christmas decoration ideas will get you inspired...

DIY Christmas decorations
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Looking for inspiration for DIY Christmas decorations? We love the idea of creating unique decorations that you can bring out every year and feel all the fuzzy nostalgia. So we have rounded up some simple DIY decs that don't take ages – and you don't need an entire craft cupboard to create them, either.

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1. Make a button bauble Christmas decoration

See how to make a stylish and festive DIY Christmas decoration that will look great hanging on your Christmas tree or around the home. We used old buttons in this craft which takes just minutes.

2. Upcycle an old bauble with a marble effect

If you have changed your decorating scheme since last Christmas, or just have baubles lying around that don't match, you will be pleased to know you can easily upcycle Christmas decorations to give them a new look. This pretty marble effect is bang on trend and can be finished in minutes with the help of a couple of cans of spray paint.

3. Make a Christmas wreath for your door

You can use any seasonal foliage for your wreath. Add colour with berries and oranges, and texture with a few pine cones.

making a wreath for a door with a big ribbon

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You will need:


1. Bind generous handfuls of moss on to the wire wreath frame with missing wire. To do this, fasten one end of the reel of the wire to the ring and wrap around the moss in a circular fashion, keeping it taut, and adding handfuls of moss until well covered. 

2. Add seasonal foliage (Georgia used Eucalyptus cinerea and Skimmia japonica, but you can use holly or other greenery), by pushing the ends deep into the moss base, working to roughly a 45 degree angle. Use a variety of materials to create an interesting and textured wreath; Georgia added crap apples for colour and rosemary for scent and texture. 

making a Christmas wreath with foliage

(Image credit: Polly Eltes)

3. Insert additional items, such as orange slices or pine cones on a wire. Before adding the oranges, bundle them together into threes with wire.

4. Finish off the wreath with a generous bow. To make this, first tie the ribbon and then affix with wire. 

4. Create a mercury-effect tealight holder with a jam jar

Whether you need something to up your table setting game, or a few tealight holders to safely give a hearth a candlelit glow, these mercury effect jars will do the trick. They are so easy and this is a great way to make old jam jars a little bit more festive.

5. Make a tree ornament out of ribbon for your mantelpiece

You only need a twig, spool, ribbon and some PVA glue to make this small decoration. Pop it on a shelf, or make a whole forest to style up your windowsills.

6. Forage for items to makeover with paint

You can make beautiful and unique DIY Christmas decorations with items that you find outside with this simple how-to. From branches to pine cones, holly leaves and conkers, collect items from the great outdoors and give them a bit of sparkle with some metallic paint. They are a great addition to your Christmas tree or can be attached to a homemade wreath or garland.

metallic paint dipped leaves and pine cones

(Image credit: Crown Paint)

You will need:


1. Make sure anything you collect to paint is free from dirt and nice and dry.

2. Tie a ribbon around the stalk if painting a leaf or secure wire around the top of pine cones – you will hold this for dipping.

3. Dip the item into the paint and hang somewhere to dry.

7. Make a festive topiary tree

Create an alternative Christmas tree with this easy step-by-step. Keep you festive foliage inside or create a welcoming entrance by pop one either side of your door.

topiary Christmas tree with red ribbon

(Image credit: Polly Eltes)

You will need:

  • Skimmia japonica
  • Viburnum tinus berries
  • Safi roses
  • Oasis ball
  • Pretty plant pot
  • ‘Trunk’ (prepare from branch)
  • Set fast post mix
  • Battery operated fairy lights
  • Floral tape
  • Ribbon


1. Prepare your pot by setting your branch in the pot with fast set post mix. Attach wet oasis ball to the top of your trunk using floral tape.

2. Snip foliage to desired length; Georgia used skimmia japonica, but you can use other seasonal greenery. Add foliage to ball in a ‘Mohican’ shape until you have a generous, but not crowded base.

3. Cut rose stems to size and insert into base. You want an even spread, but don’t use too many.

making a topiary tree with a branch and oasis

(Image credit: Polly Eltes)

4. Add seasonal berries. Georgia used viburnum tinus berries to add contrast to the roses. 

5. Finish by securing a ribbon right at the top of the trunk. Trim ends with points. 

6. For evening use, discreetly wrap around battery-operated fairy lights.

8. Reinvent a placemat with chalkboard paint

If your placemats are letting your Christmas table setting down why not upcycle them before rushing out to buy more? Painting them with chalkboard paint will give them a fresh new look and they can be used for placenames so your guests know where they are sitting.

9. Make a floral centrepiece for your table

Make your own centrepiece, showcasing your favourite flowers by following this design. It is surprisingly easy to make, and with its moist foam base, it should last for several days.

a floral Christmas centrepiece using roses, twigs and crab apples

(Image credit: Polly Eltes)

You will need:

  • Foam brick and container
  • Rosemary
  • Skimmia japonica
  • Grand Prix roses
  • Crab apples
  • Cotinus
  • Viburnum tinus
  • Eryngium (sea holly)
  • Twigs
  • Pot tape
  • Dinner candle


1. Wet your foam base and bind into the container with pot tape.

2. Create an outline with foliage and twigs, trimming as your go.

3. Insert the candle and reinforce it by taping on wooden sticks for stability.

making a table centrepiece with winter flowers

(Image credit: Polly Eltes)

4. Keep the design rectangular using a variety of textures.

5. Group the roses in the centre for focus. You may need wire to fix the crab apples.

6. Fill any gaps then check your centrepiece from all angles.

10. If in doubt, paper decorations

Ginger Ray paper stars

(Image credit: Ginger Ray )

Easiest, DIY Christmas decoration out there. You know how it goes. Get your piece of paper, fold it up and just get chopping into it. Ok, maybe it's a bit more technical than that, here are some step by steps: 

1.  Start with a square piece of paper, fold it in half diagonally and then fold it in half again to create a smaller triangle.

2. Then you want to fold the triangle into three. You can do this by taking one corner of the triangle and fold it into the middle, then take the other corner and fold it over the top.

3. Cut the top off at an angle.

4. Then it's time for the chopping into it part to create the shapes in your decoration. Use scissors to cut out whatever shapes you fancy. 

5.  Gently open it out and just wait for the ooooh and ahhhhs. 

Alas the beautiful decorations you see above, are not hand made by the Real Homes team (the ones we just made with post-it notes are for less intricate) they are from Ginger Ray, if you want to cheat – no judgement. 

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