Sweet cupcake stands under $50 that will supercharge your baking displays

These cute cupcake stands will up your baking game. Plus — experts chefs reveal tips for confectionary chic

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If dessert is your favorite part of the meal, cupcake stands are a non-negotiable for your kitchen. Whether you're preparing for an Easter get-together or have a birthday to celebrate, sweets are always welcome. 

Part of what makes confectionary so enticing is how it’s displayed. These cupcake stand picks from our expert shoppers, coupled with styling tips from professional chefs, will elevate your baking game in a flash.

These hosting essentials are adorable, multi-faceted, and will give you — and your guests — a hankering for seconds.

Super-sweet cupcake stands you'll love

While the best cookware sets and bakeware you can afford — and your skill — make the yummy treats happen, serving them on a dull paper plate seems a wasted opportunity to showcase your unique personal style.

Cupcakes and pastries are prime for limelight, so let them add to the overall aesthetic you're going for at your next dinner party.

We first got the idea to look for a cute one after spotting gorgeous gold metal tree-like sweet stands while watching Blake Lively and French pastry chef Cédric Grolet sample sweets together. Well, Blake seemed to do most of the sampling, but who could blame her?

What to shop

Ready to shop? These cupcake stands will do nicely at your next event.

How to style cupcake stands

Even if you're hosting a party in a small space, you'll want to ace the look of your table, especially once it's time to serve something sweet. 

"For a dessert-oriented tablescape, first select a central focal point — this is oftentimes a cake," says Chef Laurie Lewis, pastry chef at Culinary Canvas. "You can then arrange dessert tiers and platters surrounding it for depth. Ensure a cohesive look with a consistent color palette, and prioritize functionality."

Once you have about three or four goodies to present to your guest, the most important thing you can do is mix things up. 

"Avoid setting everything flat on the table," says Cameron Forbes, founder of Forbes Functions. "Instead, aim to build height and dimension in your display. Engage your guests with variations in height, width, and depth."

Once you have the various tiers in place, make sure not to bunch up your treats together. Instead, leave extra portions in the kitchen and fill the serving platter or display with seconds if needed later.

"Creating a tree with a couple cupcakes, here and a couple cupcakes there, all at different levels, really draws people in to get a good look at everything," says Diana Manalang, the chef and owner of Little Chef Little Cafe in Long Island City, New York.

Cameron Forbes
Cameron Forbes

Cameron Forbes is the visionary founder of Forbes Functions, where exceptional event planning meets the pulse of New York City. She specializes in creating bespoke experiences for her clients.

Chef Laurie Lewis
Chef Laurie Lewis

Chef Laurie Lewis is a pastry chef at Culinary Canvas, a creative caterer, event producer, and venue manager based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Diana Manalang
Diana Manalang

Diana is the chef and owner of Little Chef Little Cafe in Long Island City, New York, a spot that provides customers with health-conscious options for breakfast, lunch, daily brunch, and early dinner.

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