Bobby Berk's stained Tupperware hack is genius for washing dishes

Banish traces of sauces, soups, and more with Bobby Berk's stained Tupperware hack

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Tackling kitchen messes just got easier with Bobby Berk's stained Tupperware hack. The designer and former Queer Eye star has shared a pretty clever trick for washing up. 

We all know the frustration of trying to figure out how to remove stains from tupperware after storing rich tomato sauce or a hearty curry. Even if you splash out on some nice containers, they often never look the same. 

But fear not, Bobby is here to save the day. Simply employ his smart cleaning hack with dish soap, a paper towel and a few shakes, and your Tupperware will be looking as good as new in no time.

Bobby Berk's stained Tupperware hack

Bobby is a pro in all things around the house and it's no surprise he's nailed cleaning hacks too. Acidic foods like tomato sauce and powerful spices like turmeric can stain containers and embed themselves into the plastic.

The reality star shared this simple way of cleaning food storage containers in a flash with inexpensive cleaning supplies. However, if you're still struggling to remove stains, switching to glass food storage containers will solve the issue.

How to wash stained Tupperwear

To recreate Bobby's hack, all you'll need is some dish soap and paper towels (if you've run out, you can snag paper towels on Amazon). 

Simply add a few drops of dish soap to the stained food container, add one folded paper towel, and fill it with hot water. 

Secure the lid back on the container, making sure it's secure so you don't end up with a soapy mess. Then shake it all up! 

The friction from the paper towel will help loosen those food particles, removing the stain. The agitation from the shaking will help grease and oil release from the plastic, being absorbed into the paper towel. 

For such a simple material, it sure gets the job done. Who knew washing dishes by hand could be this easy?

Whether you're trying a new tupperware cleaning hack or using some handy dishwashing tools, there are always little ways to make doing chores easier.

But washing the dishes isn't the only clever tip up Bobby's sleeve. He also shared this great lighting hack for renters if you're stuck in a space you can't renovate.

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