How to have a virtual Christmas party in 2020? 5 festive ideas...

Getting yourself excited for a Christmas party? Worried it won't go ahead? Here are 5 unique ideas (and buys) so you needn't miss out on the festive fun this year

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Still hoping you'll be able to host a Christmas party this year? We don't yet know what is in store for the rest of 2020 – whether lockdown will be lifted or the tiered system will make a comeback is anyone's guess. Either way, we're all attuned to the odd Zoom call, so why not celebrate virtually? It's not the same but it's better than doing nothing. And, we've got five great ideas (and buys) to help make Christmas 2020 just as special as the rest. There's still fun to be had, just from afar – and in your pyjamas.

Here's how you can still celebrate the festive season with friends and family this year, whether that's in person or not. Make yourself a tipple, log into Zoom, put on that reindeer headband and ask Alexa to play Christmas music. We're ready now, as you can probably tell.

Check out our dedicated Christmas page for more ideas, advice and inspiration. Falalala...

Tell each of your friends to order one of these cocktail making kits and get making

The Gin Martini Mini Cocktail Kit by TASTE COCKTAILS

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With bars (currently) shut and socializing indoors banned, there's only one way we can have a tipple with our mates. Get them each to order one of these cocktail making kits from Not on the High Street – they come in all different tastes from Espresso Martini to Old Fashioned – and get on a Zoom call. It'll be a bit like a cocktail making masterclass (if you've ever been to one, they are FUN!) but in your festive PJs. One kit makes two full-size cocktails, too!

See all Taste Cocktails kits at Not on the High Street.

Is there anything more festive than beer pong... with a twist? We think not. For socially-distanced or virtual fun...

Festive Pong

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Beer pong but with a Christmas difference, this game can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter how old or young they may be (although we'd suggest playing with J2Os with youngsters, obvs). Perfect for social distancing, too, each household can stand either side of the table, and you can each have your own two balls (four come included, two of each colour) just clean your hands before playing! Alternatively, buy one set and split it in half with friends. You set yours up at home in front of your laptop and they do the same, then you can play virtually, you'll just need to aim for your own cups. 

Buy a Festive Pong set from Getting Personal for £12.99.

Why not make a huge deal about Secret Santa this year?

You haven't forgotten about Secret Santa, have you? This can still go ahead this year, just send a gift through Amazon, add a gift note and open them on Zoom. You can work out who has who with a Secret Santa generator

Shop Amazon deals for under £15 for inspo...

Host a Gingerbread house making competition and get messy

The Little Treats Bakery Gingerbread House Kit

(Image credit: The Little Treats Bakery)

Buy one of these gingerbread house kits and tell your friends to do the same, plan a day to all go on Zoom and start assembling. Then, take photos and send to a group chat (or put them on social media) and vote! Add some festive cocktails to the mix and it should be quite a fun afternoon *orders five*.

Buy The Little Treats Bakery Gingerbread House Kit for Christmas for £12.99 from Amazon.

Watch a Christmas movie together on Disney+ with their new GroupWatch feature

Disney Plus | $6.99/£5.99 per month

Disney Plus | $6.99/£5.99 per month
This great streaming service plays home to some of the best TV available right now. For a small fee per month, you'll get access to never seen before movies, series, documentaries and more. From Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic world.

Okay, it's not much of a party but it's still a festive group activity that's safe and socially distanced. Disney Plus have brought out a new feature called GroupWatch. This feature lets you watch a movie – not just Christmas ones – with anyone else who has a subscription and you can watch the movie at the same time, with a chat screen on the side so you can talk about it. Simply subscribe to Disney Plus – it's only £5.99 per month and it's contract-free – and get your friends to do the same. Choose a movie and click GroupWatch. Easy stuff. 

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