Love Island villa: how to get the look in your garden

Love the Love Island villa as much as the show itself (and more than most of the contestants. Here's how to get the look, with flamingos, bean bags and neon signs galore

Love Island Villa look
(Image credit: Lights4fun)

We didn't want to get sucked into the Love Island villa. We really tried to ignore the adverts, the office talks, the constant stream of memes. But alas here we are, hooked on Love Island yet again. So hooked, in fact, we are even writing an article on how to transform your garden into the Love Island villa. 

Quick warning, if you have not been watching ITV2's Love Island 2019, then you probably won't understand 90 per cent of this article, but if you can see past all the references, you might just find some nice holiday-inspired garden and patio ideas...

1. Get yourself the actual glasses from Love Island

The number one rule of a Love Island villa chat is to always have a drink on hand so you have something to cover up your smirk when things inevitably get awkward. This year, these all important glasses are actually from Marks & Spencer! Plus there's a whole collection of outdoor kitchenware to match...

Love island glasses from M&S

(Image credit: M&S)

2. Put up some neon lights 

You must have seen the random neon signs scattered around the villa. So far we have spotted lit, boujee, buff and wavey. While we wouldn't recommend decorating your garden with any of these particularly high-brow words, you could get a touch of the villa vibes by adding some neon lights to your garden wall. Amazon actually sells waterproof LED flexible strip lights that you can weave into your own sign. 

Outdoor chair by Dunelm

(Image credit: Dunelm)

3. String up the fairy lights 

Festoon lights provide the romantic lighting in the villa, so string 'em up all over your garden to recreate the luuuurve. Lights4fun have loads of festoon lights, but we especially love the look of the white cable of these ones, they provide the perfect contrast with all the lush green palms you are sure to have in your garden. You could add to ambience by wrapping some outdoor fairy lights around your trees, too. For more garden lighting ideas, check out our inspiring feature. 

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

4. Light up your patio area 

If your garden is lacking in poolside palms, then try decorating your patio area with fairy lights instead. Mix festoon lights with coloured solar lanterns, they look gorgeous twinkling among climbing plants. Check our more of our patio ideas, if you are after some inspiration that is in no way Love Island inspired. 

Patio with lights and paper lanterns

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

5. Create an intimate corner 

We are in no way suggesting you recreate the Hideaway in your garden – let's keep things PG please people. But you could add a cute little corner in your garden for those all important chats, or just a nice dinner or cheeky drink. Pop a small pergola at the end of your garden, add some cushions and a few strategically placed lanterns and you'll have nothing to worry about at the next re-coupling. 

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

6. Pile up the cushions and throws

A classy take on those neon cushions and garish bean bags, create a relaxing outdoor living room in your garden. Get yourself an outdoor rug, pile on plenty of cushions and make sure you have some comfy throws on hand too. Complete the look with, you guessed it, fairy lights and dot some lanterns around too. If this look is 100 per cent your type on paper, check out more outdoor room ideas for inspiration. 

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

7. Rig up an outdoor cinema 

Perfect for Love Island viewings, create a DIY outdoor cinema. Invest in an outdoor projector (see our pick of the best), stick up a spare sheet, add some fairy lights and some chairs and you are good to go. We might not have the weather we had last summer to enjoy this set up to the full, but you know, it is what is it...

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

8. Recreate the Love Island villa fire pit 

The centre of all the drama, the firepit is definitely where the most tears and tantrums happen in the Love Island villa. But hey, let's hope yours will just invoke pleasant, happy evenings, free of dumpings and betrayals. 

Cast Iron Firebowl from Graham & Green

(Image credit: Graham and Green)

9. Stay in the actual Love Island villa 

Forget turning your garden into a Love Island-esque retreat, take off to the actual Love Island villa. Well, almost anyways. Remember, the fêted Casa Amour from last year? The one that basically ruined every relationship in just a few days? Well, good news, you can actually rent the villa! The stunning property is yours to rent on Villa Retreats for between £4,572 to £8,128 per week. Buzzin'. 

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