21 Utility room storage ideas – clever laundry room organisation

Looking for utility room storage ideas? If you have a laundry room, keep it looking tidy and useful with clever laundry room organisation.

utility room storage in a utility room with ironing board, laundry hamper, drying rack
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So you need some clever utility room storage ideas... we're here to help with that. 

Or are you only at the planning stages? Check out our planning and designing a utility space expert guide.

Dreaming of a large airy utility room, with all the best laundry appliances, empty laundry baskets, clothes neatly folded in colour co-ordinated stacks and ample storage...? Aren't we all...

But the reality is that your average utility room tends to be a much more modest affair. And a dumping ground for everything that doesn't have a home in one of your other rooms. Or that you can't be bothered to put in the right place...

Experts at Argos concur, 'Especially in winter it can feel like every room with a radiator is a slave to the laundry cycle.'

'With some simple storage you can create an efficient, even enviable, laundry station, ready to tackle any crumple, stain and tissue explosion life throws at you.'

Our handy utility room storage ideas show laundry spaces, big or small, can be efficient, functional and a pleasure to be in with some simple storage solutions.

a utility space with stacked washer dryer and shelving with a pocket sliding door

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1. Rethink your utility room storage space

Before going crazy investing in lots of storage for your utility room take a step back and rethink the current layout of the room.

Could you save space by switching up where your washing machine and tumble dryer are positioned – if you have them side by side, you could think about getting a cabinet that can stack them. Or maybe you could even switch them out with one of these washer dryers.

Experts at Beko say, 'Stacking your tumble dryer on top of your washing machine is a great way to save space, but you need to make sure you do it right to keep your home safe.'

A stacking kit is the safest way to do this. It enables you to install a tumble dryer on top of your washing machine without any additional fixings.

metal string shelving system in a utility room with laundry room accessories, stainless steel sink and worktop

(Image credit: String Furniture)

2. Fit functional shelving for utility room storage

Look for functional utility room storage ideas, such as open shelving. You can keep everything in sight and easily accessible.

Go for a modular storage system like Ikea’s Algot system that can be customised and quickly adapted to different needs and spaces. Or choose String furniture's shelving systems.

Peter Erlandsson, Co-Owner of String furniture explains, 'Modular, open shelving provides a great way to fit storage into small spaces. The best thing about modular furniture is that it really can be installed anywhere.'

'To make your utility feel larger, there is an age old doctrine of using light colours on walls to make your home look bigger. This is true, and your shelves need not detract from this. Using minimal materials, string ensures your walls aren’t totally covered." 

'Deep shelves lower down will be handy for heavier items, with shelves above head height designed to stash items you don't use often.'

3. Install an extendable clothes airer as utility room storage 

cox and cox wall mounted extendable clothes dryer on a wall

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

Struggling to find space to dry your clothes? 

Instead of using every surface you have to hang your clothes to dry, try a wall mounted drying rack that extends to meet your laundry needs and then folds away when not in use. Genius.

This clothes dryer from Cox & Cox is great for laundry storage as it also has a shelf on top for storing washing powder and wooden hooks for homeless hangers.

hanging drying rack in a laundry room with washing machine from George and Willy

(Image credit: George and Willy)

4. Hang a pulley drying rack as a utility room storage idea

Wall space at a premium already? Look for a hanging drying rack like this one from George&Willy which has a seamless pulley system.

You can pull it down to load your damp clothes and pull up to the ceiling to keep things neat and tidy.

argos laundry room with blue cabinetry, lights and darks laundry bags and a washing machine

(Image credit: Argos)

5. Get your laundry organised

All those washing loads giving you the doom? If you're dealing with a clothes avalanche of epic proportions on the daily, consider investing in hampers or laundry bags to sort those clothes into smaller piles.

There are plenty of options out there and you can even fashion something yourself, but we love this double laundry sorting hampers frame from Argos Home.

6. Invest in built-in utility room storage

a utility room with painted Shaker units, wicker laundry basket and stacked washing machine and dryer

(Image credit: Higham Furniture)

A utility room might be one of the most hardworking areas of your home but that shouldn’t mean it can’t be beautiful.

If you have the room and the budget, investing in built in laundry storage that would work perfectly in your space will allow you to use every inch efficiently.

These Shaker style units from Higham Furniture ticks all the storage boxes.

a laundry drying rack that folds down and up as a utility room storage idea

(Image credit: Pulley Maid)

7. Choose utility room storage that folds away

Another great way to avoid using up precious square footage with bulky floor standing drying racks is a wall-mounted, foldaway clothes airer. 

Place this rack from Pulley Maid above a radiator and you have an instant practical drying space that would work in even the most restrictive of spaces. 

a utility room with a red curtain covering the washing machine as a laundry room storage idea

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

8. Cover up a laundry room with curtains

Let’s face facts, washers and dryers are never going to be particularly aesthetically pleasing. So cover up those eyesores inexpensively with some curtains. 

You can choose a pattern that suits your space and attach it to some net wire, keeping your bulky appliances out of sight.

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9. Use the back of doors as utility room storage

An Elfa door unit on a door as a utility room storage idea

(Image credit: aplaceforeverything.com)

Don’t overlook the backs of doors, they can be a great place for storing smaller items, such as brushes, washing powder and other miscellaneous laundry paraphernalia.

This door rack from Elfa is featured different sized wire baskets, ideal for storing laundry detergent, pegs, hand towels and is even a good place for odd socks.

Top tip: The back of the door is also a great place for storing the ironing board - get a wall mounted holder or fix on some ordinary coat hooks.

a laundry room with open shelving, exposed timber beams and worktop and patterned tiling

(Image credit: Pressloft)

10. Create a folding area in your utility room

Increase efficiency by keeping a space clear for folding and organising your laundry to avoid lugging all your clean washing to another room to sort. A worktop spanning a washing machine would work perfectly for this. 

If you don't have an existing worktop to play with, why not try your hand at a spot of DIY and fashion one out of MDF, buy a low shelving unit or a fold down table.

garden trading baskets and containers in a contemporary utility room

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

11. Hide utility room clutter in baskets and containers

Sorry did we say hide? We meant organise...

Baskets, containers and boxes of varying sizes are great for storing lots of utility room clutter, stockpiles of detergent and loo rolls or just odds and ends that make your space look extra messy.

They are lovely to look at too. No one need know that they are actually often filled with an unruly mess. Your secret's safe with us.

Experts at Garden Trading explain more, 'Even though it’s the hardest working room of the house, your utility space need not look like this is the case.' 

'Create rules for where things live with smaller storage boxes which can be stacked one on top of each other to make the most of shelf space.'

wire baskets for laundry clutter and accessories on a marble worktop in a white kitchen

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

12. Use smaller baskets for laundry accessories 

When it comes to organising a utility room, baskets and containers are your new best friend. 

Perfect for storing everything from pegs to cloths, they're ideal for clearing laundry clutter from your worktops. 

For a smart and streamlined look, stack several of the same baskets on open shelving (style tip – odd numbers always look best). 

These stackable wire baskets from Garden Trading will look neat – plus you'll also be able to see precisely what's in them when you're in a rush.

A laundry area in a bathroom with a washing machine, wall-mounted clothes drying rack and a fitted closet

(Image credit: Ikea)

13. Add a utility area in the bathroom

If you have zero space for a separate utility room but have bags of room in your bathroom design, why not squeeze a little laundry area in there?

Keep yours ordered with a cupboards to hide away excess laundry, washing powder and hangers, and use the space above the washing machine for a clothes drying rack. 

A dog in a bed in a utility room with blue kitchen units, open shelving, Belfast sink and wooden worktops

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

14. Build a pet bed into a utility room 

Does your dog or cat have a bed there already? Or maybe they just need a little hideaway away from the kids running riot.

If your utility room is more like a utility/boot room and you use it for a whole lot more that just storing your washing machine and dryer then you could consider building in a space for your pet's bed.

If you've got the luxury of being able to give up a couple of cupboards, a cosy under-the-counter space for furry friends would surely be welcomed.

  • If you would just rather throw down a pet bed in your utility room, check out our pick of the best pet beds.

drying cabinet by asko in a modern utility room with a washer and dryer

(Image credit: ASKO)

15. Add a drying cabinet as a utility room storage idea

Hanging clothes dryers and wall mounted drying racks not cutting it when it comes to your mammoth laundry loads? 

What about a drying cabinet like this one from Scandi appliance brand ASKO? Theirs has adjustable pull-out racks and 16 metres of hanging space.

You could position it beside your washer dryer so it's super handy to just hang all your washing to be dried inside cabinet and close the door. 

And just like that, no more mess. Bliss.

a JALL ironing board table from Ikea hanging on door hanging storage with dressing gown

(Image credit: Ikea)

16. Choose a mini ironing board for a small utility room 

IKEA's smart space-saving designs are always a go-to for us because they are catered to smaller spaces. 

Ironing might not be one of our favourite household chores (understatement), but we reckon even we could find a little more enthusiasm for it thanks to this handy mini design. 

The JALL tabletop ironing board folds entirely flat when not in use so you can simply hang it on the back of a door. Neat and tidy.

kitchen shelves by nordic house in a country style utility room with a Belfast sink, brass taps, white kitchen units and a stool

(Image credit: Nordic House)

17. Put up open shelves to add storage and interest

Use open shelving to store pegs, laundry essentials you can't live without, detergent, fabric conditioner and the likes. 

You could even decorate them too; add books, plants and ornaments to personalise the space.

Peter Erlandsson from String Furniture recommends, 'Make sure you use a mix of open shelving and cabinet styles to create a display unit that is flexible enough to hide the things you don’t want on show.'

For more shelving ideas, head over to our feature.

a wall mounted ironing shelf and iron hanger on a distressed wallfrom garden trading

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

18. Use utility room space wisely by adding wall-mounted ironing shelf

Thinking of ways to keep all your ironing kit in one spot?

This clever slim-line design by Garden Trading includes a hook to hang your ironing board and a shelf above to house your iron and other accessories.

Garden Trading explain, 'When space is limited, storage that provides more than one function is a win-win.' 

'Iron boards are a prime example of something that needs to be accessible but can take up unnecessary room.' 

'A laundry shelf with hooks for an ironing board as well as space for the iron itself, is a good solution.' 

'Treat your iron to a smart new cover and you’ll be pleased to have it on show.'

Looking for a new ironing board? Check out our best ironing boards buying guide to find your ironing board of dreams.

Experts at Argos say, 'Sturdy racks mean you can keep bigger items like ironing boards or folded airers out of the way without taking up cupboard space, while handy hooks and baskets keep smaller items together.'

A utility room storage idea: laundry bags on a wall on hooks from Ikea

(Image credit: IKEA)

19. Include a series of hooks for utility room storage

If you've got unused wall space that's a difficult spot for shelving, why not add some useful hooks?

Create a display using different sized hooks or mismatched colours so they'll add interest when not in use.

You could use these for hanging everything from laundry bags (as seen at IKEA) to mops and brushes.

ikea's peg board and clothes dryer in a utility room with open shelving

(Image credit: IKEA)

20. Use a peg board for lost socks and other finicky items

Use a peg board like IKEA's extremely versatile SKÅDIS pegboard that you can rearrange again and again and again. 

Choose containers, shelves, letter holders and elastics and keep your things organised and tidily gathered where you can always find them. 

This utility room storage idea is perfect for a lost sock station or a washing symbols key.

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