6 Lakeland laundry essentials we can't live without (and you'll wonder why you do)

These Lakeland laundry buys can transform your life, especially in autumn. From heated clothes driers to dry clean at home kits, you'll want them too...

Lakeland laundry essentials: a heated drying rack
(Image credit: Lakeland)

Lakeland is famous for being the main provider of all the nifty cleaning, baking and storage products we didn't know we needed. After an electric yoghurt maker? Lakeland's got one. Looking for a Champagne flute dishwasher caddy? Lakeland's got it. A cookie cutter in the shape of a sloth? You guessed it... 

But, with today's weather and autumn coming, all we can think of telling you about are our favourite Lakeland laundry essentials. We think these gadgets will revolutionise laundry day in your house. Damp washing languishing for days on cold days? No more. Expensive trips to the dry cleaner? No more. Best (and expensive) bra ruined in the washing machine? You've guessed it... 

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1. A clothes drying pod

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Clothes drying pod by Lakeland

(Image credit: Lakeland)

Well, it's weird looking but it does what it says on the label: you hang up your clothes (it fits around 12 pieces inside), pop them in the pod, zip them in and switch it on. The pod then fills with hot air and dries your clothes quickly, quietly and efficiently. Lightweight items take around an hour, whereas heavier garments like jeans take around two. It costs around 15p an hour to use and is much gentler on clothes than a tumble dryer (see our pick of the best if you're on the look out anyway). 

Best bit about this product? It's folds down completely, so you can store it away easily when it's not in use. Perfect if you live in a small home, we think.

2. A heated drying rack

Heated drying rack

(Image credit: Lakeland)

Upgrade from covering every radiator in your home with tons of clothes and get yourself a heated drying rack. It's way quicker and more efficient, and costs just 6p per hour to run. Bonus? It will warm up a chilly room, too! There are loads of different sizes available so you can pick something that suits your household.  

3. A compact handheld clothes steamer 

Fridja compact clothes steamer

(Image credit: Fridja)

A clothes steamer seems like one of those luxury products that you think you could probably live without, and yes, it's true you could live without it buuut why would you want to when it just makes ironing so much easier? This handheld one is super compact and easy to use, too. It's actually designed for travel, but it's great for using at home as well. You can use it on clothes, bedding, curtains and upholstery, and we love it.

4. A way to dry clean clothes at home

Dry Cleaner's secret

(Image credit: Lakeland)

Taking stuff to the dry cleaners is such a faff. We'll be honest, we have lost many a 'dry clean only' garment to the washing machine, too, because we were simply too lazy to take it down the road. These nifty cloths however, mean you can do it at home! Simply chuck one of them in with up to five pieces of clothing, tumble dry on a medium heat and remove straight away. Oh happy days.

5. A washing bag just for bras

Bra wash bag

(Image credit: Lakeland)

Ingenious. Absolutely ingenious. This is one of those Lakeland products that make us think, 'Oh man, why did we not come up with this product and make our millions?' And after the whole Stella McCartney bra washing controversy, there is definitely a niche in the market for a washing bag that keeps your wired bras in shape, and protects the other clothes you wash with them. Bonus? They'll protect your washing machine from untold damage if the underwiring comes loose in the machine, too.

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6. An eco-friendly washing bag 

Guppyfriend wash bag

(Image credit: Guppyfriend)

Looking to be a bit more eco-conscious when it comes to doing your laundry? These Guppyfriend wash bags are great. They catch all the man-made microfibres that come out of your clothes when they are being washed and prevent them from entering the water systems, and eventually the oceans. You just pop all your washing inside the bag, and place that in your machine to wash as normal. 

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