10 awesome ombre paint effect ideas

Find inspiration for integrating colour into your home with our pick of stylish ombre effects

pink toned ombre effect wallpaper by graham & brown
(Image credit: Graham & Brown)

Looking for decorating inspiration? Want an unusual design idea for one of your rooms that's on trend, easy to live with and space-enhancing. We're thinking ombre paint effect ideas. 

Whether you're a handy DIYer who's excited by the idea of an ombre paint effect or want to achieve an ombre effect with the help of a gorgeous wallpaper or mural, use our pick of stylish ombre effects for inspiration. 

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1. Add subtle colour to a white, minimalist space

If you're a fan of the clean and contemporary feel of an all-white scheme but want to experiment with injecting colour with paint, an ombre effect is a great option that allows you the best of both worlds. To retain a minimalist feel, stick to furniture with simple silhouettes and style with house plants and ceramics.

This happiness-inducing ombre effect was achieved by combining the shade Blank Canvas with Lemon Squash. Both Crown Paints.

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ombre paint effect white and yellow by crown paints

(Image credit: Crown Paints)

2. Consider grey ombre wallpaper for longevity 

If you're conscious that you'll get tired of an ombre effect or if bright colours simply don't suit your home's aesthetic, a grey-toned ombre wallpaper is a great alternative that allows you to use the ombre trend in your home in a stylish, timeless manner. With grey being such a popular wallpaper option, we've put together a selection of grey wallpaper ideas for even more inspiration. 

We love the watercolour effect of this Gryning Wallpaper from Sandberg. 

3. Embrace pink with a striking ombre effect wallpaper

Opting for deeper shades of pink – as opposed to light, pastel shades – in an ombre effect wallpaper is a great option if you're looking to design a space that feels equally masculine and feminine. Find this Ink Blush Pink Ready Made Mural at Graham & Brown. 

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pink toned ombre effect wallpaper by graham & brown

(Image credit: Graham & Brown)

4. Enhance a rustic scheme with trendy deep green

While deep, inky paint colours – especially greens and blues – are on-trend, they're not the perfect option for every home. Integrating these shades into a scheme using an ombre effect is a great alternative, achieving the same on-trend feel without compromising entirely on the light and spacious feel that white walls offer.

We love this combination of Crown's Carrie Matt Emulsion and the shade Steam Engine for enhancing a rustic scheme. 

Ombre wall in a dining room

(Image credit: Crown)

5. Combine pink and blue for an iridescent effect 

The key to a successful ombre is choosing paints with the same hue – pastels are a fail-safe option. Combining shades of pink and blue can create an attractive, almost iridescent effect and should be styled with white accessories for maximum impact.

Recreate this look using the shades Fairy Dust and Chance, both from Crown. 

6. Opt for blues to create a calming bathroom

Blue is one of the most popular paint colour schemes for bathrooms on account of its calming properties. We love the idea of maximising this look with the use of a blue-toned, ombre paint effect. This can be further enhanced by painting the bath in a tone that complements the scheme. 

To achieve a similar effect, combine Aubusson Blue Wall Paint with Provence Chalk Paint, both by Annie Sloan.

ombre finish blue toned bathroom with roller bath by annie sloane

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

7. Add interest to a white scheme with a touch of pink 

For a more subtle ombre effect, consider blending a light pink with a white. This is a great option if you're working with a small room and want to maximise space and light. Style with white accessories and light-coloured woods. 

Recreate this look using Manna Ash and Hansel & Gretel, both from Fired Earth.

light pink ombre effect paint wall by danetti

(Image credit: Danetti)

8. Create a unique effect with a mural

An alternative to the traditional ombre accent wall, we love the clever effect you can achieve with a watercolour-inspired murals. Opt for dark, inky tones with colour variation to make the most of the moody interiors trend – and find more mural design ideas in our feature, too.

Find this Pseudo Purple Watercolour Mural at Murals Wallpaper.

9. Combine peachy pinks for an on-trend blend 

Embrace the pastel trend by blending peachy pink and pastel tones in a stylish ombre effect. Use white as a basis for the space to prevent it from feeling overwhelmed by colour. We love this Skymning wallpaper from 5QM Tapeten; use it to draw the eye to a feature wall or throughout a space for a more impactful finish.

pink ombre effect wallpaper by 5qm.de Tapeten

(Image credit: 5qm.de Tapeten)

10. Create atmosphere with a misty, moody wall mural

While ombre is best known in the paint world, why not take the easy option of a wall mural – it offers a similar effect, without the need for creativity. Find this Dense Pine Forest in Morning Mist Wall Mural at Pixers. 

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grey moody wall mural in contemporary living space by pixers

(Image credit: Pixers)

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