No more kitchen sink dramas

The Temporary Kitchen Company provide a replacement kitchen during your project

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Building a dream kitchen can turn into a nightmare when the room becomes unusable during the major work. Experiencing this problem themselves, the creators of The Temporary Kitchen Company have designed a clever solution.

Husband and wife team Emma and Stephen Trollope have developed a stylish and effective way of addressing the problems of day-to-day living while the ‘heart of the home’ is under construction.

The ‘pods’ they have designed include a fully fitted kitchen, including a gas oven, hob and grill, hot and cold running water, fridge freezer, a washing machine, heater, table and chairs – all delivered to your doorstep for as long as required.

‘Having lived through the drama of a new kitchen with two young children, I know exactly the problems a family faces during the building works, nowhere to cook, nowhere to sit and eat and of course, the dust,’ says Emma.

‘This was why we started The Temporary Kitchen Company, to help people get through the building works with as little fuss as possible and to make their lives a bit easier,’ she adds.

With the daily rental rate less than an average restaurant bill for a family of four, The Temporary Kitchen Company’s pods offer an economic and innovative solution during building works.

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