The best integrated dishwashers: perfect appliances for design led spaces

Fancy a dishwasher to help out with cleaning but don't want to ruin the look of your kitchen? Opt for the best integrated dishwasher

AO Built-in dishwasher
(Image credit: AO Built-in dishwasher)

Looking for a dishwasher for a streamlined kitchen where appliances won't be on show? Turn your attention to integrated dishwashers, which are hidden behind cabinet doors so that you can get either a sleek, contemporary finish for your kitchen – or an authentic look in a traditional-style room. 

We’ve rounded up a list of the best integrated dishwashers, while considering all styles of kitchen and budget options. So throw your rubber gloves in the bin and treat yourself.

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Apart from getting you out of the washing up, modern, energy efficient models can help cut your household bills, and they give you a place to store your dirty dishes so that your kitchen always looks squeaky clean. 

What to consider when buying a dishwasher

Freestanding or integrated? 

The majority of dishwashers made as freestanding units are usually no wider than 60cm and stand a little below your kitchen countertop level. If you’re looking to save space or want to keep a certain aesthetic appeal to your kitchen, integrated dishwashers are designed to sit behind a façade that matches your kitchen cupboards. If you have a particularly small kitchen, you can also get slimline dishwashers that are a fraction of the width.

Check the dishwasher's capacity

You can pretty much pop anything in a dishwasher these days, but make sure you check the capacity and the amount of space on the racks available. Some come with adjustable racks and prongs so you can fit in larger items when needed, but some don't. Many people don’t like to put glass in the dishwasher, but they normally clean well on the top shelf, and some dishwashers have special settings to ensure a more delicate wash. 

Check the speed settings 

It's worth noting if the dishwasher you're eyeing up has a quick wash option, and how long it takes. It's also handy to know how many speed settings the dishwasher has as this can be useful for those who own nice kitchenware that needs to be delicately washed, or for those who like to use an Eco-Wash programme. 

How noisy is your dishwasher?

Mostly beneficial for those who have younger children and don't want to risk waking them up or those who live in a flat, it's worth thinking about the noise of the dishwasher, or if there's a quiet programme.

Dishwasher energy efficiency

Energy ratings go from a D to a A+++, with most being very highly efficient. Most dishwashers will also come with an Eco-Wash setting, which takes a little longer, but every little helps. 

What do dishwashers cost?

The cost of a dishwasher can range from anything between £200 and £1,000, depending on its capacity and energy rating. 


HOOVER HDI 3DO623D-80 Full-size Fully Integrated NFC Dishwasher

1. HOOVER HDI 3DO623D-80 Full-size Fully Integrated NFC Dishwasher

The very best integrated dishwasher you can buy for your home, the Hoover HDI 3DO623D ticks all the right boxes

Best for: All-rounder
Energy Efficiency: A+++
Dimensions: H82cm x W59.8cm x D55cm
Noise level: 43dB
Reasons to buy
+10 programmes and six temperatures+Door automatically opens for fresh air drying

Wash up to 176 items in one load thanks to the Hoover HDI 3DO623D. Featuring 16 place settings, 10 wash programmes and six temperatures to play around with, it has everything you need to get your crockery looking good as new. For those who are in a rush, there's a quick cycle which takes just 24 minutes, and for those who are eco-conscious, there's an Eco-Wash setting which takes 170 minutes. Not only does this machine have an energy rating of A+++, but it also boasts an impressively low noise level and a third drawer which is ideal for serving spoons, large knives and any other cooking utensils. The machine can also be controlled via an app on your phone, so you can turn it on during your lunchtime at work and it'll be clean for when you arrive home. The best part? Once the cycle is finished, the dishwasher will automatically open to allow your crockery to air dry. 

Bosch SMV68MD02G Integrated Dishwasher

2. Bosch SMV68MD02G Integrated Dishwasher

Ideal for those who don't mind spending extra ££ on extra features

Best for: Features
Energy Efficiency: A++
Dimensions: H81.5cm x W59.8cm x D55cm
Noise Level: 44dB
Reasons to buy
+Lots of features+Glass 40° programme
Reasons to avoid

If you want all the bells and whistles included with your next dishwasher, opt for this Bosch model. Not only does it have eight automatic programmes to choose from, but the machine will adjust your water usage, water temperature and rinse time to suit the level of soiling. For those who like their dishes to be completely dry when they come out of the dishwasher, use the ExtraDry feature, and if you like to put your dishwasher on once the kids are tucked up in bed but don't want to risk waking them, use the Quiet Mark feature for ultra-silent cleaning. The TimeLight function will show the time remaining on the current wash through a fancy LED light projected onto the floor, and the OpenAssist function will let you open the dishwasher just by touching the front of the unit, meaning it's perfect for those who have handle-free kitchens (or if you just want to wow your guests). For those who find themselves using the EcoWash option regularly, this one takes 195 minutes.

BEKO Pro DIN29X20 Full-size Integrated Dishwasher

3. BEKO Pro DIN29X20 Full-size Integrated Dishwasher

For those who are on a budget, this BEKO dishwasher is a no-brainer

Best for: Budget
Energy Efficiency: A++
Dimensions: H81.8cm x W59.8cm x D55cm
Noise Level: 44dB
Reasons to buy
+Affordable+Glass basket for wine glasses
Reasons to avoid
-Very long Eco-Wash time-No time remaining indicator

Say goodbye to standing at your sink and scrubbing dishes, as this budget-friendly integrated dishwasher by BEKO is your saving grace if you don't want to spend an arm and a leg getting your crockery clean. Not only does it come in just short of £400, but it has a pretty good energy rating, a rather low noise level and nine wash programmes to choose from. Thanks to the AquaIntense cleaning zone specifically for tough stains, you can throw your scourer in the bin, and the EverClean technology will ensure your dishwasher stays clean, even after all of the intense washes. Once your cycle's done, a red LED light will be projected onto the floor to let you know it's time to empty, and for those who always use the quick-wash setting, this one only takes 30 minutes. Our only complaint is that there's no time remaining indicator for when you're in a hurry or about to head out, but there is however, an oh-so-important wine glass basket built in to protect your fanciest of glasses. This is most definitely our pick of the best integrated dishwasher if you're on a budget.



Who says compact means less features? This NEFF dishwasher packs plenty of features in whilst fitting in the smallest of spaces

Best for: Slimline
Energy rating: A++
Dimensions: H81.5cm x W44.8cm x D55cm
Noise level: 44dB
Reasons to buy
+Large capacity+Six programmes+Five temperatures
Reasons to avoid
-Some prefer more basic programmes-Quite expensive

Perfect for a contemporary handleless kitchen, this model comes with door Open Assist – simply press lightly on the front and hey presto, it opens. Great for when your hands are full, but not as great for when there are kids running around. An ideal option for those who are after an integrated dishwasher but don't have the space, this slimline model certainly doesn't skimp on any features. The Flex 3 baskets and cutlery drawer have adaptable, foldable parts and the Chef 70˚C programme is great for removing stubborn stains from pots and pans. There are also special options for Extra Dry, Intensive Zone and VarioSpeed Plus that make this model stand out from the crowd.

Miele G 6860 SCVI Integrated Dishwasher

(Image credit: Miele G 6860 SCVI Integrated Dishwasher)

5. Miele G 6860 SCVI Integrated Slimline Dishwasher

For an easy wash with excellent results, the Miele G 6860 SCVI is the best integrated dishwasher

Best for: Cleanest wash
Energy Efficiency: A+++
Dimensions: H80.5cm x W59.8cm x D57cm
Noise level: 44dB
Reasons to buy
+Less than one hour cycle+Wi-Fi Connectivity+Child lock
Reasons to avoid
-Very expensive 

This fully integrated dishwasher is designed to fit in neatly with your kitchen’s décor and to save you space. With one of the highest energy efficient ratings a dishwasher can have, its quick power wash provides fantastic results in less than one hour. Arriving with a cutlery basket and FlexCare glass holders which ensure nothing gets broken during a cycle, you really can't go wrong. Although pricey, its sleek design and high energy rating make this a great investment for the modern home.  

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