Nordic style interiors: 7 secrets to bringing dark and dramatic vibes home

Be inspired by these Nordic style interiors, just in time for autumn...

Nordic style interiors
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Our love of Nordic style interiors will never end. And, like all trends that hang around for years (hygge is the prime example) we will, every now and then, come up with a new name for what is basically the same style, just with a twist – case in point: new Nordic. 

So, here are a few of the very best New Nordic design ideas to steal from the slightly darker, slightly moodier take on the classic Scandi style... Find more gorgeous Scandi design ideas on our hub page.

1. Add lots of texture to your living room 

You will see that texture is a recurring theme with the Nordic style. As the colours and designs tend to be kept pretty simple, a lot interest comes instead from layering textures. In a living room this obviously means piling up the cushions and throws in all different finishes – fur, sheepskin, chunky knit, the more the better. 

2. Choose Nordic bedding that has a relaxed vibe

When you're bringing Nordic style vibes into the bedroom – choose bedding that has a texture to it, and combine it with a throw in a similar shade. 

3. Keep the colour palette simple

While the Scandis may have mastered the minimalist white washed everything, take note that they are also proficient in adding just the right amount of colour, usually in the form of cushions, throws and accessories. Just stick to a couple of colours and choose muted hues like blush pink, grey-blue or earthy colours like forest green and ochre. 

4. Incorporate darker shades 

This is where the whole New Nordic style slightly varies from the more traditional Scandi inspired rooms you might be more used to seeing. New Nordic definitely incorporates darker, dramatic colour more readily than the light and airy classic Scandi style. 

5. Sculpt and declutter

The new Nordic style is very minimalist. But obviously, it’s not very realistic to live in a home that’s completely void of any un-aesthetically pleasing things, but that’s where clever storage comes in. You can create the illusion of a clean, uncluttered space, when in fact, open any cupboard and you’ll find a Pandora's Box of stuff. 

6. Accessorise with nature

Plants are a budget-friendly and effective way to embrace new Nordic design ideas – bring the outside in... 

7. Just hygge

And there it is, the word you all knew was coming. This is by far the easiest way to add a dash of new Nordic design ideas to your home – choose the perfect lighting, grab a blanket, a cuppa, a book and light a candle for these looks.

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