8 luxe small bathroom ideas for your most bougie set-up ever

Live your best life with these luxe small bathroom ideas

Two neutral bathrooms
(Image credit: H&M, @doingupdenbigh)

I'm obsessed with hotels so I found some luxe small bathroom ideas I need to copy ASAP. The luxurious bathrooms with their soft fluffy towels, fragrant-smelling hand soaps, and minimalist feel (free of the half-empty bottles of old beauty samples I refuse to get rid of), are everything I need.

When you’re renting, bathrooms can be a bit of a nightmare. Often, landlords don’t keep them updated, they get grubby easily, and, well, they’re just not the nicest of spaces. I think we all deserve a luxurious place to pamper ourselves so I’ve chatted to some bathroom experts for the best tips on how to give a small bathroom a luxe makeover. 

From investing in a few extras like fancy hand soap to sophisticated color schemes these small bathroom ideas can help you bring a little extravagance to your space.

Luxe small bathroom ideas to upgrade your space

I for one, love all things quiet luxury and these luxe small bathroom ideas are no different. I spoke to experts to find the best ways to make your apartment feel like a hotel from major upgrades to small touches. 

1. Use neutral paint colors

Neutral bathroom with marble countertop

(Image credit: H&M)

Product and Design Manager at bathroom specialist Crosswater, Jorge Hernandez, says that if you’re unsure of a color palette to lean into, you can’t go wrong with neutrals, which can make a small bathroom look bigger.

 “A lot of the clients I work with are in the midst of a bathroom renovation, but if you’re simply redecorating, choosing a new paint color can work wonders. My advice is to go for a neutral color palette, which is synonymous with luxury bathrooms, while brighter colors instantly brighten a room, giving the appearance of a cleaner and larger space.”

You can find plenty of bathroom paint colors to shop online in neutral tones. If you're unsure, you can pick up this paint sample box from Lick to try a few different warm-neutral options.

Jorge Hernandez

Jorge Hernandez is Product and Design Manager at bathroom specialist, Crosswater.

2. Incorporate marble touches

Bathroom with marble wall

(Image credit: @thehousethatblackbuilt)

I could only dream of having a bathroom as fancy as Chelsea’s of The House That Black Built, but it certainly sparks some inspiration. Her stunning wall of black-toned marble creates an amazing statement feature and there are other ways you can get the look yourself. 

Try a set of marble-look accessories to update your sink area, or even try waterproof, marble effect tile stickers, like these marble pattern vinyl tiles available on Amazon. This way you can update your space without a permanent change, or bankrupting yourself!

If you're working with real marble though, you'll want to keep maintaining it. Knowing how to clean marble will be a real lifesaver to make the expensive material look its best.

3. Experiment with the ceiling

Bathroom with green tiles and mural ceiling

(Image credit: @strikeme_pink)

If you want your bathroom to really stand out, take a look at this creative influencer, Alice of Strike Me Pink, and her incredible bathroom ceiling. Alice actually hand-painted the mural herself, so check out her profile to see how she did it. There are plenty of ceiling ideas to choose from to get started on this often overlooked area of the room.

No matter your skill level, wall murals are a beautiful way to elevate your space, especially in a bathroom where it’s a little less expected! It's not too hard to learn how to design a mural at home so you can recreate the look.

4. Use pattern in a small space

Pink bathroom with floral wallpaper

(Image credit: @homeleebuild)

If there’s one thing I’d like you to see in this whole article, it’s this incredible, out-of-this-world transformation from Kiju Lee in Texas. This is the definition of tiny bathroom turned luxury — you would seriously think this picture has come straight out of a hotel until you see the before!

 Wallpaper has been instrumental in changing the whole aesthetic of the room and actually maximizes the space, instead of confining it. Be inspired and try out a pattern in your home, like this gorgeous floral wallpaper available at Amazon. Renters, you don't have to worry. We found some great peel-and-stick wallpapers that work just as well as the traditional kind and don't cause any damage. 

5. Invest in fancy products

Neutral bathroom with luxury hand soap

(Image credit: @doingupdenbigh)

If you don’t have the budget to upgrade your bathroom, sometimes the only thing to do is splurge on a little treat for yourself. Dive into one of the best bathroom towels and unwind after a long shower or bath.

A luxury hand soap (like the fan-favorite Aesop hand soap available on Amazon), delicious-smelling bath oil, or sumptuous whipped body cream can create a little moment of luxury in your day, even if the space itself isn’t akin to a five-star hotel. 

Get yourself some lovely new products and do a happy dance, you deserve it!

6. Ditch the clutter

Bathroom with checkered floor and white sink

(Image credit: @hotelbaguette)

Without being able to quite put your finger on why, clutter in a bathroom looks, well, just a little too lived in. Things get sticky and grimy easily in these often badly-ventilated spaces and that kills the luxury vibe for sure. If it's looking a bit cramped, it may be time to declutter your small bathroom.

Go as minimalist as you can either by downsizing on your toiletries or getting a great storage unit, like this rolling cart available on Amazon. This will instantly make your space look more considered and well-designed, voila, resulting in a more luxurious feel. 

7. Opt for brass furnishings

Bathroom with green tiles

(Image credit: @strikeme_pink)

“If you simply don’t have the space or budget to make any structural changes or buy a new bath or sink, just update what you have with statement brassware instead,” says Jorge Hernandez. 

“Paring a brushed brass wall-mounted faucet with an affordable basin, for example, will deliver a stand-out luxury look. The bathroom industry offers a large number of faucet finishes, shapes, and styles to suit both contemporary and traditional bathroom designs.”

This highly-rated traditional brass faucet available from Wayfair will do just the trick to look like a luxe hotel fixture.

8. Think about the little touches

Bathroom with orange walls and white sink

(Image credit: @thejollytownhouse)

Jessica Sims-Wilson, interior designer and founder of House of Dawn Interiors, says that sometimes little touches make the biggest difference. “If you consider every part of the space, you’ll see it starting to take shape," says Sims-Wilson.

"Instead of buying any old bath mat or trash can, for example, choose a color or material in keeping with the space. And, this doesn’t need to be expensive — for example, decide on a rattan mini trash can [like this wastebasket on Amazon] and simply search for anything on that spectrum.” 

Luckily, we picked out the best bathmats available online right now to save you the trouble. 

Jessica Sims-Wilson

Jessica Sims-Wilson is an interior designer and founder of House of Dawn Interiors.


Does my bathroom have to feel minimal to feel luxurious?

No way! You can have a bright, colorful, fun bathroom and still give it luxurious touches. Little changes like matching accessories, a new bath mat, and a scented candle can all bring a more sumptuous feel. 

What’s the one thing I should do for a luxurious feel?

Hand soap! You use it all day, and so do your guests. So target an area that gets the most traction and you’ll make the most use out of. Plus, it’s one of the easiest things to add, too. This Method hand soap available on Amazon looks really chic and is much cheaper than a luxury alternative.

Making a small bathroom look and feel luxurious can be a challenge if you don't have much space to work with or you're in a rental and can't change many features. But luckily for you, I found plenty of ways to upgrade this space on a variety of budgets. 

Before you get started though, your bathroom won't feel luxurious if it's dirty or grimy. Start by deep cleaning your small bathroom and wiping down all the surfaces — especially touchpoints like handles and areas that show streaks like mirrors and glass. Once your space is in tip-top shape, give it a luxe makeover.