We scoped out the best bath mats for small bathrooms — here are our 9 favorites

Cute and reliable, these bath mats for small bathrooms should be in your shopping cart

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Sure, space is few and far between, but bath mats for small bathrooms are non-negotiable. Do you *really* want your wet, slippery toes to step out onto a cold, hard, tiled floor? We didn't think so. 

To avoid any style discrepancies—or worse, safety hazards—don't sleep on the essential. After a long bubble bath session, we promise you're going to be glad the fuzzy companion is there to greet your feet. 

If you're noodling on small bathroom ideas to switch up your already microscopic space, or if you're a renter who can only execute so many apartment bathroom ideas sans landlord, placing a bath mat near the tub or shower is an easy upgrade both stylistically and practically. Even better? Only minimal upkeep is required.

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Bath mats for small bathrooms: where to shop, how we chose, and more

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9 bath mats for small bathrooms

Where to shop for bathroom mats

In search of the small bathroom must-have? No W.C. is complete without a mat, and we're here to help you narrow down the search: 

How we chose the bath mats

Given that space isn't always available in ample supply for renters and dorm dwellers, dimensions were carefully reviewed before selecting products. We also took customer recommendations and safety factors into consideration as we compiled our guide of bath mats for small bathrooms. 


Where do you put a bath mat in a small bathroom?

In a small bathroom, a bath mat should be placed outside the tub or shower, or even inside the tub (provided it's the right material) to prevent any safety hazards. In a larger bathroom, you might have more room to play with a bigger rug and position it elsewhere, perhaps near the sink or door, but when working with a cramped area, you'll want something that above all will keep you from slipping.

How do you make a small bathroom cozy?

Much like any other small space, the first thing you'll need to do is get rid of clutter. From there, accessorizing with fun textiles and soothing colors can help the cozy factor. Anything that feels loud, be it the shower curtain or paint selection, might make your space feel more cramped and less cozy. 

Still on the hunt? You'll love the Y2K vibe of Urban Outfitters' bath mats and appreciate the viral sensation that is the Diptyque-style bath mat

And, when working with limited space, you're going to have to keep things neat and orderly, but thankfully the experts can assist with all the ways to declutter a small bathroom.

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