So Real Homes: How to make a conservatory cosier

If your conservatory isn't serving its purpose as a sunroom, why not turn it into a snug that can be used year-round? This is exactly what Sarah Parmenter of @RelovedMCR has done – see her explain how

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Many of us add a conservatory to create a better connection between home and garden, but if you have bought a home where this room does not fulfil its role you may want to replace it. Or, you could do what Sarah Parmenter of @RelovedMCR did and transform your conservatory from an overheating or cold space into a cosy snug.

She explains to Sian Astley why she did this, and how she has used bespoke furniture, textured pieces and lighting to make the space feel inviting.

See how Sarah adds personality to the rest of her home with upcycled pieces.

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